New online job fair for professions in different fields

New online job fair for professions in different fields

A Canadian province is looking for candidates with experience in a variety of occupations.

The province of New Brunswick has announced another online job fair. Anyone interested can register on the provincial website. The deadline to apply is June 2, 2022.


This time there are no restrictions on professions, but the province is primarily interested in candidates with the following professions:

If your occupation is not on the list, you can still apply to the job fair. Applicants are required to have at least 1 year of full-time or 1,560 hours of part-time experience.


The application is 10 pages long and asks you to answer questions about your occupation, experience, education, how much money you have in your accounts, and so on. If you have a spouse, you can also provide information about him or her.

Be careful when filling out the registration form. Once you've filled out the page and clicked "next," you can't go back to it.

You will need the following documents for the form:

The same documentation is required for your spouse if you plan to attend the fair as a couple. You will also have to take a short video interview in which you talk in monologue format about your work experience. You will have time to prepare before you answer.

Applicants registered in the federal system Express Entry are also allowed to participate, but this is an optional criterion. However, if you are planning to immigrate through Express Entry but have not yet created a profile there, it is recommended that you register in the system first and then apply for the New Brunswick Fair.

Job Fair and Immigration

You can fill out the registration form on the official website of the Province of New Brunswick.

Once you fill out the form, it and your resume will be accessed by employers in New Brunswick who are looking for employees. You will only be able to participate in the fair if any employers are interested in you. The exact date and time of the session will be communicated to successful candidates.

There is an opportunity to get a job offer in New Brunswick at a job fair. You can then apply for immigration through the provincial program or the Atlantic program. Or you can fly to New Brunswick on a work visa first and then get a permanent residency.

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