Ontario Introduces New Immigration Candidate Assessment System

Ontario Introduces New Immigration Candidate Assessment System

It is valid for several streams of the province's immigration program.

On April 28, the Ontario government announced the introduction of an "Expression of Interest" system for those applying for immigration to the province.

Currently, the system works for two immigration streams:

Candidates from three additional streams are expected to begin evaluating using this system in the near future:

Expression of Interest system — how does it work?

Before applying for immigration under the listed streams, the candidate must register in the Expression of Interest system. When registering, you provide information about yourself: work experience, education, language skills, etc.

Participants will be awarded points based on the following criteria:

  • level and scope of education;
  • where you graduated (in Canada or another country);
  • level of proficiency in English or French;
  • where the candidate intends to settle (in the Greater Toronto Area or outside);
  • Qualifications, work experience, earnings history and other factors that influence your job prospects in Ontario;
  • Ontario's current labour market needs.

If the candidate scores enough points, he/she receives an invitation to apply for immigration through one of the streams. You must apply within 14 days of receiving the invitation.

Your Expression of Interest profile is active for 12 months. If you have not received an invitation during this time but still want to immigrate, you need to register again.

How are the points awarded?

Use the table below to calculate your score on Ontario's Expression of Interest system. The province will invite those candidates with the highest scores to immigrate. There is no passing score to participate in the selection process.

Criterion Points
Occupational level according to NOC*
Level A 10
Level B 8
Level C or D 0
NOC* skill type
Types 0, 1, 2, 3, 9 10
Types 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 5
Preferred salary
. (not applicable to graduate streams with master's and doctoral degrees)
From $40 CAD per hour 10
$20 to $39.99 CAD per hour 5
Less than $20 CAD per hour 0
Duration (cumulative)
From 12 months 4
Less than 12 months 0
NOC level
Work experience was at level A 3
Experience has been at B, C or D level 0
Earnings history
Earnings from $40,000 CAD per year 3
Earning less than $40,000 CAD per year 0
Level of education
Doctoral degree 10
Master's degree 8
Bachelor's degree or equivalent 6
College diploma or certificate 5
Education below the college level 0
Field of study
Engineering or health care 10
Mathematics and computer science 9
Business and administration or trade 7
Sociological, legal or pedagogical education 6
Arts and humanities 5
Experience of training in Canada
. (not applicable to flows for foreign skilled trades and in-demand professions)
More than one completed education in Canada 10
One completed education in Canada 5
Language level according to CLB**
Level 9 or higher 10
Level 8 6
Level 7 4
Level 6 or lower 0
Knowledge of official languages
Proficiency in two languages (English and French) 10
Knowledge of one language 5
Employer location
(not applicable to graduate streams with master's and doctoral degrees)
Outside the Greater Toronto Area*** 10
Within the Greater Toronto Area 6
Location of educational institution where education was obtained
(not applicable to graduate streams with master's and doctoral degrees)
Outside the Greater Toronto Area 10
Within the Greater Toronto Area 6
This criterion is designed to meet the current labour market needs of the province or a particular area of the province. The needs will be determined by Ontario's immigration program. Priority occupations may be identified at the time the candidate applies, but they may not be.
The candidate's profession is in demand on the labour market (if there is a current demand) 10

*NOC is the Canadian Occupational Classification. Read here what it is, what the skill types mean, and how to determine your occupation code.

**CLB is Canada's language proficiency assessment system. Read here to convert your language test score to CLB level.

***Greater Toronto Area (GTA)


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