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The Path to Success: What is an MBA Degree and Which University to Choose

The Path to Success: What is an MBA Degree and Which University to Choose

Why MBA programs are so popular, what opportunities they open up, and which universities offer a Master of Business Administration degree.

Business administration education is an opportunity to start a successful career in business. In today's fast-paced economy, understanding how businesses work is becoming increasingly essential. This knowledge is especially important for those working in the field, planning to start their own business, or already running one.

Educational programs at universities and business schools provide students with academic knowledge, practical skills, managerial expertise, and valuable connections in the business community. One of the most popular programs among them is the MBA.

What is an MBA?

An MBA (Master of Business Administration) is an educational program that prepares graduates in business administration and management. The MBA is chosen by aspiring entrepreneurs or individuals working in lower and middle management who aim to climb the career ladder. For business owners, an MBA is a chance to gain knowledge on how to develop it wisely. For those already working as managers, an MBA degree can secure a top management position, provide professional development, and significantly increase their income. MBA programs offer deep insights into financial analysis, economics, and marketing, and improve management skills.

Why is the MBA becoming increasingly popular?

MBA is the world's most popular postgraduate program. However, pursuing an MBA can be quite expensive. So, why is this program at the top of modern education? There are several reasons.

More than 250,000 people enroll in MBA programs annually because this education opens up vast opportunities for graduates. Business is everywhere today. Whether in IT, logistics, construction, manufacturing, services, finance, or banking, there's a developed business in any industry you can imagine. Those with an MBA degree can find work in any field of interest.

Many choose an MBA to achieve higher management positions or change their job. For most people, an MBA allows them to do this. Statistics show that more than half of MBA graduates change jobs, and almost 95% of MBA graduates, who were unemployed, find jobs after completing their studies.

Additionally, the salary for an MBA graduate is significantly higher than for those with lower-level education. Business bachelor’s degree graduates earn around $88,000 CAD annually on average. However, the average salary for MBA graduates is $156,000 CAD. Thus, MBA degree holders earn almost twice as much as those with a bachelor's degree in the same field.

Finally, MBA degree holders are in high demand in the job market, especially for senior management positions. A Fortune magazine survey showed that MBA graduates secure top management positions faster, according to 54% of employers. More than two-thirds of surveyed employers shared that their senior managers usually hold an MBA degree. 70% of respondents reported that MBA graduates in their companies earn more than others.

Where to get an MBA degree?

Today, many universities worldwide offer MBA programs. They differ in cost, duration, location, and specializations. Traditionally, the best universities that offer the highest quality and innovative education in business are located in the USA, Canada, and European countries.

We suggest considering several educational institutions in different countries that offer the sought-after MBA degree.

MBA in Canada

University Canada West

University Canada West (UCW) is a private university located in one of Canada's major cities, Vancouver. UCW specializes in business and management. The university is constantly developing and strengthening its connections in the Canadian business community, and its professors have extensive professional experience that they eagerly share with their students. You can enroll four times a year: in January, April, July, and October. Students from over 110 countries choose University Canada West.

UCW's MBA program is internationally accredited and costs significantly less than the global average. Additionally, the university offers generous scholarships to students.

Location Cost Start Date Duration
Vancouver, British Columbia $40,635 CAD January, April, July, October 2 years

Laurentian University

Laurentian University is a public university in Northern Ontario, located in Sudbury. Laurentian University leads in the number of employed graduates among Ontario universities (94% of graduates find jobs within six months of graduation).

The university is known for its dual-language teaching and strong programs in engineering, mining, technology, and business management.

Laurentian University's MBA program prepares students for leadership roles in a competitive business environment. The MBA provides a comprehensive understanding of business principles, strategic management, and analytical decision-making while emphasizing communication, teamwork, and leadership skills development.

The program's advantage is its location in Sudbury, a region known for its thriving mining and natural resources industries, offering students unique opportunities to network and connect with the business community.

An MBA from Laurentian University opens doors to a successful business career due to combining academic excellence, practical training, and industrial connections.

Location Cost Start Date Duration
Sudbury, Ontario $40,500 — $60,800 September, January 1-2 years

Thompson Rivers University

Thompson Rivers University (TRU) is a dynamic university in Kamloops, British Columbia. The university emphasizes experiential learning, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for successful careers.

TRU is known for its industry connections and community organization partnerships, allowing students to build valuable connections and access internships and paid work placements.

The MBA program at Thompson Rivers University combines business fundamentals with a focus on critical thinking, leadership, and strategic decision-making. Experienced instructors bring their expertise into the classroom, emphasizing practical learning through case studies, simulations, and real-world projects.

Location Cost Start Date Duration
Kamloops, British Columbia $51,400 CAD September, January 2 years

These are just a few of the Canadian universities that are among the best for master's programs.

MBA in the USA

Trine University

Trine University is a private university in Angola, Indiana. Students learn in small groups under the guidance of faculty, promoting personalized education. The university strongly supports practical learning through internships, hands-on projects, and lab work, helping students transition successfully into their careers. According to the university, 99.5% of 2023 graduates find jobs within six months upon graduation.

Trine University has a long history, with its educational programs undergoing numerous developments and improvements. The MBA program has been offered for over 130 years, teaching students key skills in business strategy, marketing, communication, and corporate ethics.

The university also offers specialized career counseling, starting from the moment of enrollment and continuing after graduation.

Location Cost Start Date Duration
Angola, Indiana $18,000 USD January, May, August 2 years

Westcliff University

Westcliff University has its main campus in Irvine, California, with additional campuses in Miami and Orlando, Florida. The university focuses on business and technology, especially in Irvine — the city of innovation. It actively attracts international students, ensuring their adaptation and providing a multicultural environment.

The MBA program at Westcliff University prepares students for careers in business, management, and entrepreneurship. Students engage in case studies, data-driven decision-making, group work, and develop critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills. Education is available both online and offline. The program also offers networking opportunities with industry professionals and practical experience through the MBA SMART™ consulting program.

Location Cost Start Date Duration
Irvine, California $14,742 USD August, October, January, May 2 years

MBA in Europe

New European College

New European College is an international business school in Munich, Germany, offering programs accredited by partner universities. Most students are international, with instruction in English and free German courses available. Classes are held in small groups, and the program is divided into six-week blocks for optimal student performance.

The university offers MBA programs in three areas: international management, finance, and entrepreneurship & innovation. These programs include both theoretical and practical courses, using interactive teaching methods in small groups. New European College admits MBA candidates with work experience, regardless of their previous education field.

Location Cost Start Date Duration
Munich, Germany 18,300 EUR September, October, December, February, March, May 1.5 years

PFH Private University

PFH Private University is located in Hamburg and Göttingen, Germany, and is the country's oldest private university. It specializes in management and technology, offering a wide range of master's programs and admitting students twice a year.

After completing the program, students can immediately find jobs in their field of study. The university guarantees employment for MBA students and promises to refund 20% of the tuition if they do not find a job within nine months of graduation.

The MBA program at PFH University helps develop management and leadership skills, preparing students for national or international careers in just three semesters. It expands knowledge of economic contexts and provides essential tools for a business career.

Location Cost Start Date Duration
Hamburg, Göttingen, Germany 19,820 EUR April, October 1.5 years

Admission Requirements

Requirements vary significantly between universities, so it's essential to carefully review the "Admission Requirements" section on the program's official website.

Generally, to enroll in an MBA program, you need to meet the following requirements:

  • A completed undergraduate degree (bachelor's);
  • A GPA of no less than 3 (on a scale of 4.33) upon graduation;
  • GMAT or GRE scores (600-650);
  • A cover letter and recommendations;
  • Proof of English proficiency (usually an IELTS score of 6.5, with no module scoring below 6.0).

Some universities may also require professional experience.

How to Apply Without English Proficiency Tests?

Sometimes, a person has everything required for admission to a foreign university except the ability to pass an international language exam with the necessary score. If you find yourself in this situation, there is an alternative to tests like IELTS and TOEFL — studying English at ILAC.

ILAC is a Canadian school with a world-renowned reputation, teaching thousands of people English at campuses in Toronto and Vancouver, as well as online. Despite its impeccable reputation and advanced teaching methods, ILAC is known for its affordable tuition fees.

ILAC offers a special program called University Pathway, which prepares students for studying in foreign universities, considering the specifics of academic English in the respective country. One of the main advantages is that after completing this program, you receive a certificate that can be submitted to the university instead of language test scores.

Hundreds of educational institutions in Canada, including all the universities mentioned above, cooperate with ILAC, allowing students who completed the University Pathway program to enroll without taking the IELTS.

As we are official representatives of ILAC, registering for online classes through us provides a pleasant discount, allowing you to save 30% on tuition fees.

We are ready to help you

For years, we have been helping many people achieve their dream of studying in Canada. We are happy to assist you if you are considering enrolling in MBA programs or other fields. As partners of many higher education institutions, we can offer you a university that meets all your requirements, select a suitable study program, handle all communication with the institution, assist with document preparation, and application submission. Additionally, our visa consultants will help you gather all necessary documents and apply for a student visa. To get support that simplifies your path to education in Canada and increases your chances of obtaining a study visa, book a consultation now!

We have recently expanded our partnerships and now cooperate with universities in the USA and universities in Europe. Our expanded geography allows us to offer admission to even more overseas colleges and universities, including those offering MBA programs. If you are interested in these institutions, write to us at

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