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University Canada West: top business programs and MBAs

University Canada West: top business programs and MBAs

Programs and admission requirements from a leader in business education in Canada, offering benefits for STEM-candidates.

University Canada West (UCW) is a young private university in Canada, founded in 2004. Its main profile is business and management. The university is marked by dynamic development and connections in Canadian business circles, and its professors have real professional experience, which they willingly share with ambitious students. You can enroll 4 times a year: in January, April, July, and October.

In this university, unlike many other institutions, there are not many academic programs as UCW follows a narrow specialization. They focus on training specialists in business and commerce, and for this purpose, they have developed 7 programs, including preparatory courses.

Bachelor's and specialist programs:

  • Bachelor of Commerce;
  • Bachelor of Arts in Business Communications;
  • Associate of arts.

Graduate Programs:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA);
  • MBA-ACCA Pathway (MBA degree qualification in finance).

Preparatory Programs:

  • MBA Foundation;
  • University Access Program Language Course.

4 programs (Bachelor Of Commerce, Bachelor Of Arts In Business Communication, Master Of Business Administration and MBA Foundation) have online versions.

University Canada West has 2 campuses located in one of Canada's largest cities, Vancouver, which has been repeatedly recognized as "the best city on Earth", with more than 11,000 students from 110 countries studying here each year.

UCW has built a solid reputation over the years. It has a 5-star rating from QS, is ranked among the best Canadian online MBA programs by CourseCompare, and 95% of its MBA graduates find jobs within a year of graduation.

Moreover, those who have received MBA degree in UCW, will be able to find a job in Canada, as graduates of University Canada West at the end of their studies can apply for a work permit upon graduation (Postgraduate Work Permit), for a period of up to 2 years. Thus, studying at this university opens up good opportunities for immigration to Canada through education.



Because of its focus on business and management, University Canada West is very popular with students who want to pursue the sought-after MBA in Canada in today's world. Moreover, UCW is one of the best universities for admission to graduate programs.

Why choose an MBA at University Canada West? First, because of the quality of education. UCW is one of the best business schools in Canada and is constantly working to improve the quality of education.

The MBA at UCW is an ACBSP and NCMA accredited curriculum that will prepare graduates for top management positions in world-class companies. During 2 years of study, the student will gain knowledge in business analytics, consulting, entrepreneurship, finance, human resources, marketing, including digital marketing, as well as develop leadership and project management skills.

At University Canada West, the MBA program is state-of-the-art, includes digital components, and has partnered with leading digital technology companies such as Riipen, Digital Marketing Institute, Salesforce, Amazon Web Services, IBM and others.

Finally, another very important advantage of an MBA at University Canada West is the price. The average cost of MBA programs in the world is more than $97,000 CAD. At UCW, the price of an MBA is much lower: $38,700 CAD ($28,605 USD). Plus, UCW provides its students with generous scholarships. Our clients have already been lucky enough to win a grant of $9,720 CAD ($7,146 USD).

Admission to the MBA program

The requirements for international students applying to the MBA program at University Canada West are approximately the same as at other universities where this degree is available. Some of the main requirements are as follows:

  • An IELTS average of 6.5 or completion of a language program at UCW or a partner institution;
  • A GPA of at least 3 (on a 4.33 scale) at the end of the undergraduate program or completion of the UCW MBA Foundation program with a GPA of at least 3.

The University has a rather strict selection process for its MBA programs, as they require a base of knowledge in business and management. Therefore, the university has developed the MBA Foundation preparatory course specifically for candidates with no previous education or experience in this field.

MBA Foundation Preparatory Course

In the MBA Foundation course, students study three modules.

  • Introduction to business and business documentation. Students learn how to write business documentation and deliver presentations. They learn to analyze context, audience, purpose, and genre, and to integrate appropriate media for effective communication. The course includes researching and writing business correspondence, reports, proposals, project plans and technical descriptions, as well as preparing and delivering professional presentations. The course concludes with a group project applying the knowledge and skills learned.
  • Quantitative Thinking and Analysis. Students beginning a master's program often need a refresher in basic quantitative skills such as algebra and statistics. The course covers tools and techniques for using quantitative information in business decisions. Students learn to think critically when planning research, collecting data, using statistical tools, and interpreting results, as well as practicing communication skills related to data analysis. These statistical skills are essential for a variety of business applications.
  • Business Economics. This course helps business students learn the basic economic tools to understand modern business practices. They study micro— and macroeconomics and develop their analytical skills through project-based learning. Topics include the interaction of economic agents, concepts of national income, economic growth, trade, and other aspects of macroeconomics.

Preparatory MBA students must achieve a CGPA of B or better (GPA 3.0) to continue in the MBA program. Students who successfully complete the pre-MBA program may enroll in the MBA core program.

Benefits of MBA enrollment for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) students

MBA for STEM-candidates

As of the end of May 2024, Canada West University has decided to make admission advantages available to students whose majors were in STEM sciences: these include science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Candidates with an undergraduate degree in these areas are now not required to take the MBA Foundation preparatory course — they can be admitted directly into the MBA program. At the same time, the candidate's overall GPA must be at least 3 out of 4.33.

The following STEM candidates are invited to apply to University Canada West's MBA program without preparation:

Natural Sciences Technical Sciences Engineering Math
  • molecular biology;
  • microbiology;
  • marine biology;
  • genetics;
  • botany.
  • organic chemistry;
  • inorganic chemistry;
  • physical chemistry;
  • biochemistry;
  • medicinal chemistry.
  • astrophysics;
  • quantum physics;
  • theoretical physics;
  • nuclear physics;
  • geophysics.
Geological sciences:
  • geology;
  • meteorology;
  • oceanography;
  • seismology;
  • paleontology.
Environmental Sciences:
  • conservation science;
  • ecological management;
  • environmental chemistry;
  • environmental health.
Wildlife Science:
  • neurobiology;
  • pharmacology;
  • zoology;
  • epidemiology;
  • biotechnology;
  • geography.
Information Technology:
  • network administration;
  • cloud computing;
  • IT management;
  • systems analysis.
Computer Science:
  • human-computer interaction;
  • computer graphics;
  • game development;
  • theoretical computer science.
Software development:
  • mobile app development;
  • embedded systems;
  • software project management;
  • enterprise software development.
  • ethical hacking;
  • cryptography;
  • information assurance;
  • forensic computing.
Data Science:
  • big data analytics;
  • machine learning;
  • computational statistics;
  • data visualization.
Artificial intelligence and machine learning:
  • robotics;
  • neural networks;
  • natural language processing;
  • AI ethics.
Engineering Mechanics:
  • thermodynamics;
  • fluid dynamics;
  • mechanical design;
  • robotics.
Electrical Engineering:
  • power engineering;
  • control systems;
  • microelectronics;
  • signal processing.
Civil engineering:
  • structural engineering;
  • transportation engineering;
  • environmental engineering;
  • geotechnical engineering.
Chemical Engineering:
  • process engineering;
  • materials science;
  • biochemical engineering;
  • thermodynamics
Aerospace Engineering:
  • Aerodynamics;
  • space systems design;
  • propulsion systems;
  • avionics;
Biomedical Engineering:
  • medical imaging;
  • biomaterials;
  • biomechanics;
  • genetic engineering.
Industrial Engineering:
  • operations research;
  • systems engineering;
  • human factors engineering;
  • supply chain management.
Applied Math:
  • computational mathematics;
  • financial mathematics;
  • mathematical physics;
  • operations research.
  • biostatistics;
  • industrial statistics;
  • statistical theory;
  • econometrics.
Actuarial science:
  • risk management;
  • insurance mathematics;
  • pension math;
  • financial modeling.
Computational Mathematics:
  • numerical analysis;
  • algorithmic operations;
  • modeling and simulation;
  • high-performance computing.

University Canada West enrollment assistance

We are official UCW partners, so if you are interested in applying to UCW for an MBA or other program, we are happy to help. Make an appointment for a consultation, and our experts will assess your chances of obtaining a student visa and explain in detail the process of applying to Canadian institutions of higher education.

If you are interested in higher education in Canada, but UCW is not right for you for any reason, you can still contact us. We work with about a hundred institutions across Canada, so we can help you find an institution and program of study that suits your needs.

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