Canada now accepts the results of another language test

Canada now accepts the results of another language test

The long awaited alternative to IELTS is finally available.

IRCC has officially announced that as of January 30, 2024, Pearson's PTE Core language test (aka Pearson Test of English) will be one of the recognized tests for immigration purposes. Also, the ministry now allows the use of electronic copies of the language test results.

What does it mean to add a new test to the list of tests that Canada accepts? That PTE Core results can be used to obtain a residence permit along with IELTS General Training or CELPIP General Test.

All three of these tests are appropriate for economic immigration, that is, moving under the federal, provincial, caregiver programs, the Agri-Food Pilot, the rural and northern communities pilot (RNIP), the Economic Mobility Pathways Project (EMPP), the Atlantic Immigration Program, and Quebec 's skilled and entrepreneurial programs.

Important: The new PTE Core test is not eligible for a student visa. Under the International Student Program, Canada asks for the results of other English proficiency tests. There are six of them: IELTS General, IELTS Academic, PTE Academic, TOEFEL, CAEL and CELPIP.

You can read a detailed overview of Pearson's new language test here.

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