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Big drawing for invitations to Express Entry

Big drawing for invitations to Express Entry

This is the second overall selection in a month.

On January 23, Canada held another immigration draw in the Express Entry system. Invitations were issued to 1,040 people who scored 543 points or more in the Comprehensive Ranking System.

It awards points for factors such as education, language skills, age, availability of a job offer in Canada, ability to adapt to the country, and so on.

Express Entry is Canada's system for selecting applicants for federal immigration programs. There are three programs:

The previous general drawing in Express Entry was held two weeks ago, on January 10. There were more invitations sent out then, but the passing score was also a bit higher.

Express Entry is one of the most reliable ways to immigrate to Canada. Contact us for help with assessing your chances of obtaining a permanent residence permit, finding the right immigration program and applying.

And also follow the selection history of Express Entry with us to keep up to date with the latest information and increase your chances of immigration.

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