Immigration Department imposes restrictions on student visas

Immigration Department imposes restrictions on student visas

Canada will issue fewer study permits and work permits.

Canada's Department of Immigration has made significant changes to the policy regarding international students. Although the authorities recognize that students from abroad make a meaningful contribution to Canadian public life, the system for admitting students from abroad has recently faced challenges. According to ministry officials, the increased student population has led to strains on housing, healthcare, and other important services.

So today Immigration Minister Marc Miller announced new government steps to stabilize the number of international students.

Visa restriction

A cap on the number of study visa applications is being introduced to help moderate the growth in student numbers over the next two years. It is expected that 35% fewer study permits will be issued by 2024, compared to 2023 — about 360,000. In addition, individual limits have been set for each province and territory based on their population.

This decision will not affect study permits already issued, permit renewals, nor will it apply to master's and doctoral students, nor to high school students.

Limits by province

IRCC will set the limits for each province and territory, and they in turn will distribute them to the educational institutions. From January 2024, each application for a study visa will have to be accompanied by a letter of confirmation from the province or territory concerned.

Duration of restrictions

These interim measures will be in place for two years, after which the policy will be reviewed. In the meantime, the government will work with partners across the country to develop sustainable approaches to welcoming international students, including the provision of sufficient student housing.

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