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More than 8,000 immigration invitations and Canada's new initiatives

More than 8,000 immigration invitations and Canada

The most important news of the first week of August.

The week once again started with high-profile news involving Justin Trudeau. The Canadian Prime Minister announced his divorce from his wife Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau. The couple, now ex, had been together since 2005.

The Canadian women's national football team sensationally left the World Cup, having lost to Australia. The Canadians took gold at the last Olympic Games, and they are also considered the seventh-best women's team in the world, so no one expected such a failure. Moreover, they became the first Olympic champions who failed to reach the World Championship playoffs after the Olympics.

New initiatives

Meta will finally restrict the display of Canadian news on Facebook and Instagram platforms. Residents will no longer be able to read and share news content. The decision was made because of Canada's Online News Act, which comes into effect this year and requires such platforms to compensate Canadian media for publishing their news stories on the platforms.

Canada continues to take smoking cessation to the next level. Manufacturers must already start working on updating their products. One year from now, every cigarette will have phrases printed on it about the risks and harms of smoking. At first, this will only apply to cigarettes of a certain size, and in 2025 it will apply to all cigarettes. By 2023, Canada wants to reduce the number of smokers to 5% of the total population.

Changes in immigration

The reshuffle in the Cabinet of Canada has excited the public. But those who are just about to move are more interested in whether something will change in immigration after the appointment of a new minister on the issue. We analyzed if we should expect any changes and if they will be good.

Some people try to immigrate in illegal ways, and it often ends sadly. An Indian citizen who was living in Canada is facing a minimum of 5 years in U.S. prison and a USD 250,000 fine for smuggling illegal migrants through Canada to the States. And a year ago, he was deported from Canada to be turned over to U.S. law enforcement.

Immigration selections

Last week in Canada was unusually busy with immigration draws. More than 8,200 people received invitations to apply for permanent residency in Canada!

Canada has once again delighted candidates with invitations through the Express Entry system. On August 1, the country selected 2,000 people with a passing score of 517. This is a very high score. But the very next day, a selection for 800 candidates with a good level of French took place, and for them, the score was much lower — 435. On August 3, the score dropped to 388. But only applicants with trades occupations received invitations, and there were 1,500 of them. This was the first draw for trades workers in the history of Express Entry.

On August 1, a round of invitations in British Columbia took place. The province selected 189 people among candidates with in-demand occupations. They were tech professionals, healthcare workers, educators, and veterinarians. Another 10 entrepreneurs were also selected.

Alberta also issued invitations to immigrate on August 1. They were given to 11 healthcare professionals who found jobs in the province.

The draws were particularly numerous in Ontario. On August 1, the region selected 840 applicants: 1 foreign worker among skilled refugees, 755 graduates of provincial institutions with master's degrees, and 84 graduates with Ph.D. degrees. And on August 3, Ontario held the biggest draw of the year. In it, fortune smiled on candidates with trades professions, among whom the region selected 2,844 people.

On August 3, a selection also was held in Prince Edward Island. The region sent out 58 invitations to professionals of various skills, and for the first time, these were candidates with specific occupations. This time, the province needed workers in healthcare, construction, manufacturing, food processing, agriculture, and hospitality.

Alex Pavlenko, founder of the Immigrant.Today emigration portal

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