How do I learn English?

How do I learn English?

Our team is sharing its own great tips and tricks.

Good language skills are one of the main conditions for successful immigration to Canada. It's not just about passing the test and getting a high score for the immigrant program. Language skills also play a role in whether you will feel comfortable in Canada, be able to do everyday things easily, interact with people and make friends quickly. If your English is good, you'll feel at home in Canada. In this article, our team shares their English language learning tips and tricks.

We have to disappoint you right away: there will be no magic pills or ways to cheat the system. Behind the knowledge of the language is hard and diligent work, not some unusual method. But this work can be enjoyable, interesting, and more effective.

1. Study regularly

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Consistency is very important in language learning. It is best to study every day or at least three times a week. A daily class of 45 minutes will do you more good than a five-hour study marathon at the weekend.

Carve out some time for your daily English lessons. They don't have to be long — as long as you have time to repeat what you've learned and learn new material.

2. Repeat new words and grammar many times

Study your vocabulary not two hours before meeting with your tutor or study group, but a couple of times a day. You don't have to memorize the material. Just reading what you've learned will get you results, too.

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