Immigration to New Brunswick for critical workers

Immigration to New Brunswick for critical workers

Candidates who have found employment with one of the participating companies can move through the New Brunswick Critical Worker Pilot program.

The Critical Worker Immigration Pilot is designed for skilled candidates to help the province of New Brunswick address labour shortages in certain sectors and cities. First and foremost, professionals are needed for jobs that are hard to fill with locals.

Features of the pilot

The Critical Worker pilot aims to get companies to hire in-demand specialists from abroad. The main requirement in the program is to find a job in one of the participating companies. The candidate cannot apply for immigration on their own, it is done through the company that invited the candidate to work.

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Also, New Brunswick has no requirements for applicants to participate in the immigration pilot. You only need to meet the requirements of a job opening.

New Brunswick has selected 6 companies that are well-established and have recruited from abroad in recent years. They provide enhanced support around newcomer settlement, skills development, and language training for employees.

Participating employers

If you are interested in immigrating through the Critical Worker Pilot, you should seek employment with one of the following companies:

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