Canadian Prime Minister's governorship under threat and other news

Canadian Prime Minister

The Prime Minister's governorship is threatened, where a foreigner can get a job, and other Canadian news.

The opposition is questioning the legitimacy of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's rule. Parties are demanding a public inquiry into possible Chinese interference in the latest election, which is speculated to have helped Trudeau win. An independent investigation has already begun.

Living in Canada

For the first time in a year, the Bank of Canada hasn't raised the key interest rate but kept it at the same level of 4.5%. During this time, there was a decline in interest in real estate, but now demand is resuming. Experts predict that prices will now be more stable. In addition, interest on mortgages will not increase.

A Canadian resort town is ranked as one of the top vacation spots this spring, according to the popular Airbnb portal. Whistler in the province of British Columbia is on par with such destinations as London, Rome, Barcelona, and Lisbon. The town is famous for its mountain landscapes and numerous outdoor activities.

On March 12, Canada switched to daylight saving time, but this may stop in the future. Some provinces have been promising for a long time not to change the time, but they talk about the need to coordinate with the U.S. Last year, the United States approved a bill on the rejection of time translation. If passed, the U.S. would stop changing clocks twice a year, allowing Canadian provinces to do the same.

New opportunities

Canadian sportswear store Lululemon received the right to hire foreigners in a simplified way, without completing a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). The company is based in Vancouver and plans to hire 3,500 people.

A reliable way to get permanent residency in Canada is to study at a college. ILAC International College is a leading private college that offers programs at half the cost of other institutions. The cost starts at CAN$ 7,750 for the program, only for our clients.

Canadians' opinion on immigration varies, but most still support the government's policy of inviting more newcomers. In a recent survey, 52% of Canadians answered that immigration has a positive impact on the country's economy. However, 38% don't agree with this and say that immigration has a negative impact. The remaining 10% either find it difficult to answer or believe that newcomers don't affect the economy in any way.

Immigration draws

On March 7, British Columbia held another draw. The province selected 229 people among skilled workers, international graduates, and entry-level and semi-skilled workers. Another 45 invitations were sent to childhood educators and healthcare professionals.

On March 9, a draw took place in Ontario. The region issued 822 invitations under the Human Capital Priority Stream. This stream is for skilled individuals who have an Express Entry profile and an occupation in demand. This time health workers were selected. The next day Ontario had another draw under the same stream, but IT workers were invited. The province selected 815 candidates.

Alex Pavlenko, founder of the Immigrant.Today emigration portal

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