Minimum earnings for a comfortable life in Canada

Minimum earnings for a comfortable life in Canada

When you examine the cost of groceries, rent, wages, and other indicators, you can draw conclusions about the standard of living in Canada.

When looking for a job, job seekers always look at salary, which in most cases is a key factor in the response. A salary in one city may seem exorbitant compared to another and vice versa. But the cost of living can also be radically different.

The 4 largest cities in Alberta were used in the comparative analysis.


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Calgary is the most expensive city to live in. Rent is cheaper here than in British Columbia and Ontario cities. After comparing prices, the following conclusions were made. One adult in Calgary spends:

  • $1,374 CAD for groceries, transport and other monthly needs;
  • It costs $1,546 CAD to rent a one-bedroom apartment in the centre;
  • $90 CAD — lunch for two at a restaurant for 3 courses.

Statistically, the average net monthly salary in Calgary is $4,845.89 CAD after taxes.


This city is further north but is considered one of the popular cities among Canadians and immigrants alike. Edmond is cheaper than Calgary.

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