Quebec may launch a fast-track immigration program

Quebec may launch a fast-track immigration program

But only for certain candidates.

The provincial authorities of Quebec, which actively opposed the increase of immigration, have slightly revised their opinion and now agree to grant more permanent residencies. On one condition, though: if they are French-speaking candidates who are already in Quebec.

Now the provincial government is considering the launching of a new immigration pathway that would help graduates of Quebec colleges and universities, as well as skilled professionals currently working in the region, to obtain permanent residency faster.

Quebec is very sensitive to the preservation of the French language. This is the main reason why the current government does not want to invite more immigrants. According to the federal plan, Canada will welcome 500,000 people in 2025. Quebec can accept 115,000 but only agrees to 50,000. Maybe the new program will raise those numbers, but so far it is just a discussion.

Since Quebec has the right to design its own immigration system and set its own immigration levels plans, nothing prevents the province from giving priority to francophones. A new program for francophone applicants would allow the region to increase immigration and find common ground with the federal government, which raises its goals of welcoming newcomers every year.

It is known that Quebec does not plan to make knowledge of French a prerequisite for all immigration streams. For example, you can apply for Quebec's Regular Skilled Worker stream without knowing French.

The province plans to release its immigration plan for the next three years in mid-December.

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