Tomorrow Canada will transition to the new occupational classification

Tomorrow Canada will transition to the new occupational classification

The requirements in all immigration programs will change.

On November 16, Canada is transitioning to the new NOC occupational classification, which means a change in occupational requirements for all immigration programs.

The NOC, or National Occupational Classification, is a Canadian system that assigns a code to each occupation. It tells you how skilled an occupation is, what kind of education it requires, and what field it refers to. NOC codes are used in immigration programs and immigration draws and can be listed in job postings for Canadian employers.

The NOC system is updated every 5 years, and every 10 years it changes completely. Previously, Canada used NOC 2016, and as of November 16 is switching to the NOC 2021 version, which was developed last year. The new version has undergone dramatic changes in the classification structure.

Beginning November 16, a new occupational classification will be used in all immigration programs and draws. If you are applying for permanent residency under any program, you must now enter your occupation code under the new NOC. If you have applied before, depending on the immigration program, you will need to either update your applicant profile or reapply.

You can determine the NOC 2021 code of your occupation with a special tool on our website.

But applying is only part of the change. Because of the revised NOC structure and code reclassification, the federal government and the provinces of Canada must now change the occupational requirements in all immigration programs and adjust them to the new NOC.

We have already detailed the changes to the federal immigration programs and the Atlantic program. As the provinces update their immigration programs, we will be making changes to the program descriptions on our website.

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