Express Entry draws will become targeted

Express Entry draws will become targeted

Canada intends to invite candidates who are in demand in the labour market.

Starting in 2023, Canada is ready to hold targeted draws in the Express Entry system. This was announced by Minister of Immigration Sean Fraser in an interview with Reuters.

Targeted draws will allow the country to invite candidates with the necessary education, experience in a particular field, knowledge of French, or those who have received a nomination from a particular province. In this way, the experience and skills of newcomers will meet the current labour market needs.

The government intends to pay special attention to doctors and nurses. But this will only affect immigration to those provinces that are easing the recognition of foreign medical degrees and allow specialists to start practicing immediately after moving. So far, in most parts of the country, medics cannot get a job unless they have a Canadian education.

For a long time, there has been a huge labour shortage in Canada. The number of open jobs is up to a million. Canada intends to deal with it with the help of immigrants. So, in 2023, the country will aim to welcome 465,000 newcomers. The fastest way to immigrate is through federal programs, which function through the Express Entry system. According to the immigration plan, Canada will accept 21% of all newcomers in 2023 through these programs.

Every two weeks, a few thousand people are invited through Express Entry draws. But the problem is that invitations are sent to candidates who score more points for age, education, work experience, language skills, and similar factors. The field of education and occupation do not play a role. As a result, Canada invites young highly qualified specialists, but they are not always the people who are in demand on the market. That is why the government intends to conduct targeted draws.

In addition to labour shortages, Canada is already facing housing affordability issues. Sean Fraser said the country would be taking in more skilled construction workers to build new homes, and would also be focusing on getting more immigrants to move to areas that can accommodate that number of newcomers.

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