Canada's reaction to the Queen's death and other news


An immigration policy update, Canada's competition with Elon Musk, and other events of the week.

The Canadian Minister of Immigration announced new measures to modernize the immigration system. 180,000 applicants will be exempted from the mandatory medical exam, applications for all programs will be online starting September 23, more programs will have tools to track application status, and it will be possible to apply online for Canadian citizenship by the end of the year.

One of the sure ways to immigrate to Canada is to enter a Canadian university or college. We described the advantages of getting a Canadian education, why thousands of students across the world choose Canada, how Canadian education will help you immigrate, how much it costs, and how you can save money on it.

Conflicts in Canada

Last week was not without conflicts. Quebec's new language bill is again causing trouble for residents of the province. Since the beginning of September, a provision has come into force that home sale contracts must be concluded only in French, even if both the buyer and the seller speak English. If they can't conclude a contract in French, they must hire a translator. Experts believe that this provision doesn't protect the language in any way, but entails additional costs and delays deals.

Meanwhile, the indigenous people of Alberta are suing the local government. The nation contends that industry, agriculture, and the sale and development of land owned by the indigenous people interfere with their way of life and violate their rights. In another province, British Columbia, there has already been a similar incident, and the indigenous people managed to win the case.

Investment and technology

The federal government continues to move towards ecology and allocates new investments to reduce emissions. The money will support technology for converting agricultural waste into renewable fuels.

Another good news. Canadian telecommunications companies signed an agreement to help each other in case of failures. In July, one of the providers faced a major failure, due to which a quarter of Canadians were left without communication, and someone couldn't even call emergency services. To avoid this in the future, operators signed an agreement that in case of serious problems with one of them, others would be obliged to provide support, ensuring that the population was able to stay in touch.

Also, a train-aircraft hybrid is going to be built in Canada. It will travel at speeds of up to 1,000 km/h in a protected pipe, and tickets will cost almost half as cheap as for a plane. The first train will link two cities in Alberta and will be available by 2035. Elon Musk has a similar project.

And Quebec will have the world's largest geothermal lagoon. It will be located in a resort village, and its area will be 12,000 square meters. The open-air lagoon will warm up to 38 °C all year round. Moreover, the project will be entirely energetically self-sufficient. The construction is planned for 2023. The author of the project intends to launch it before Elon Musk's sensational SunHouse appears.

What do you think are the best regions in Canada to live in? Where can you find a job with a good wage, pay low taxes, receive social support, and winters won't be cold? We compiled the top 4 Canadian provinces in terms of living standards in our article.


Alberta also has something to be proud of. It is considered the undisputed leader in Canada in terms of the number of beautiful lakes. We described 6 of the most famous and interesting lakes in the province, which you should definitely visit.

And for fall entertainment lovers, there are wonderful places in the province of Ontario. Pumpkins, wineries, tractor rides, sunflower fields, living mazes, competitions, national food, and more can be found on Ontario farms. In our article, we talked about the most interesting places — Clovermead, Downey, Applewood, and the Fall Harvest farms.


Perhaps the most discussed news of the past week was the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who also governed Canada. On Thursday, September 8, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau joined world leaders in expressing condolences to the royal family. Canada declared 10 days of mourning and flags at half-mast. Elizabeth's heir, Charles III, became king of the country.

A little more politics. Canada's Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland can become Secretary General of NATO. Experts believe that her appointment is quite likely, and the country will actively promote the candidacy of its official. Perhaps Trudeau himself will have to make a significant contribution to this.

Immigration draws

Over the week, the provinces of Canada held several draws and in total invited more than 3,800 people to immigrate.

The province of Saskatchewan invited the most applicants, having held two draws with an interval of one day. In the first of them, which took place on September 6, 760 in-demand specialists and candidates registered in the Express Entry system were selected. Some of the invitations were sent to managers and technical specialists, and some to doctors. The next day, an additional draw was held, in which 943 invitations were issued to specialists in various skilled and trades professions.

The province of Ontario also selected many candidates on September 7. The region sent out 1,521 invitations. They were received by specialists in priority trades professions in the sectors of construction, manufacturing, transport, mining, and so on.

On the same day, British Columbia held a draw. The province issued 374 invitations to skilled workers, semi-skilled workers, and university graduates. They had job offers outside of Vancouver. A part of the invitations was issued to childhood educators and healthcare professionals.

On September 8, 278 candidates were invited by the province of Manitoba. The draw was made among skilled workers in the province, skilled workers from abroad, and graduates of Manitoba universities. Passing scores are slightly reduced.

Alex Pavlenko, founder of the Immigrant.Today emigration portal

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