Education in Canada: an excursion to language school

Education in Canada: an excursion to language school

Last year I went to Toronto to visit the ILAC Language School and their partner, Georgian College.

Entering a Canadian university is one of the surest ways to immigrate. After you graduate, you will obtain a Post-Graduation Work Permit for one to three years and will be able to stay in Canada to work. Graduation from university, a job offer, and work experience in Canada give you access to additional immigration programs and greatly increase your chances of getting a permanent residency.

ILAC campuses

The ILAC school has three campuses. I talked about the first campus in the first part of my tour. This time I visited the second campus. It is called the university building because its students study English through the University Pathway program. Then, if they pass the internal exams at school, they can enter a Canadian university without the IELTS language test.

Walking up to the school campus, I saw the famous CN Tower. All three ILAC campuses are in downtown Toronto, with about a 10-20 minute walk between them. Like the first campus, the interior of the university building resembles a business center or an expensive hotel. But there are elements of Latin culture here because many students come to ILAC from South America. Looks interesting!

ILAC School

Study and accommodation

The classrooms are very comfortable, spacious, and full of light. On the classroom doors, there are pictures of the students with face paintings of their countries' flags. This symbolizes the diversity of the school.

There is an elevator right on campus that leads to the student residence. Students who apply to ILAC can live either with a host family or in the school's residence. The residence option is more expensive, but also much more convenient because you can get to the school directly from there.

Inside the campus, there are plenty of recreational areas for students — comfortable couches, basketball nets, and more. There is a cafeteria where you can warm up your food and have a snack.

Student support

Next to the classrooms, there is student support. From time to time specialists come to campus to meet with students, answer their questions and help them develop their academic plans. If students are planning to apply to higher education in Canada after ILAC, they can chat with higher education specialists and discuss their plans over a cup of coffee.

Online and in-person study

The school does everything to make students feel comfortable and most importantly, to make them want to study. I would love to enter ILAC too, even though I already studied at this school online. I don't think studying online and in-person are very different as teachers and curriculum are the same. Except that the online option is cheaper.

But in-class learning is a great option for those who want to live in a metropolis and experience the pleasures of a Canadian college education. In addition to Toronto, ILAC has campuses in Vancouver. Since I went to this school myself, I can definitely recommend it.

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Alex Pavlenko, founder of Immigrant.Today

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