Changes in all immigration programs and other Canadian news

Changes in all immigration programs and other Canadian news

The most important events of the first week of August.

All immigration programs are going to change soon, there are still shortages of workers, and Canada is experiencing a tourism crisis.

Immigration news

A Canadian language school ILAC has won three prestigious awards in the field of study travel. The reward will take place this fall in the UK. As partners of the school, we can offer you English courses on more favorable terms.

In 2023, Canada will accept one more language test for immigration so candidates will have more options. The government has not yet announced what exam it will be. If there're no IELTS or TOEFL exams in your country, perhaps you'll be able to take the new test.

Also, this November Canada will transit to the new National Occupational Classification. It is reviewed every five years. This time, the government has made major changes, so the professional requirements in immigration programs will also change.

Students who graduated from a Canadian educational institution and received a Post-Graduation Work Permit can prolong it. There is one condition. You can renew your permit if it expired or will expire from September 2021 to December 2022.

Labour shortage

The shortage of workers in Canada is still an acute problem. Recently the number of job openings in the country exceeded one million. Economists believe that it's necessary to raise wages and improve working conditions to solve the problem.

A particularly strong personnel shortage is observed among medical staff. Employees believe that their wages don't correspond to the load and leave en masse. A recent survey found that 87% of nurses are considering quitting their jobs.

Canada could solve the problem with the help of immigrants, but it's not that easy. Ukrainian migrants with medical education are dissatisfied that the licensing process necessary for work is too complicated and the authorities don't provide any assistance. The Minister of Health of a Canadian province says that the main problem is that specialists are not qualified enough and often don't speak English well.

Doctors and nurses are some of the occupations that require a license to work in Canada. In most cases, foreign nationals have to retrain. However, it is possible to work without obstacles in many other fields. We recommend that you read our article about occupations in Canada: which ones require a license, which don't, when it's easy to obtain a license and when you'll have to go to university.

Immigrants usually don't earn a lot after moving to Canada while their expenses are large. Many relocate with their children who also need funds. In our article, we tell you how much money average Canadians spend per child per month, year, and up to 18 years.

Solving problems at airports

Canada's current problem is the tourism crisis. Chaos at airports and bugs in the ArriveCan application which is mandatory for entry into the country cause a lot of discontent. In addition, there are complaints that the app mishandles personal data. An investigation into this has already begun.

To avoid delays at airports, the authorities have allowed border and customs declarations to be completed online 72 hours before arrival in Canada. So far, the innovation is available only at three airports. Another change will come into effect in September. If a flight is canceled, the airline will be required to match the passenger with a replacement within 48 hours or offer the choice of a refund or a rebooking voucher.

Before traveling to Canada, you need to prepare well and study the entry rules in advance. There are categories of people who won't be allowed into Canada. If such a person arrives, they will be deported. Why can you be deported and what to do? See the answers in our article.

Immigration draws

On August 3, an Express Entry draw was held. 2,000 invitations were sent out under federal immigration programs. While the passing score is still high, it decreases every time.

On the same day, the province of British Columbia conducted a targeted draw. 174 candidates with priority occupations received invitations. These are technical specialists, childhood educators, healthcare professionals and veterinarians.

Alex Pavlenko, founder of the Immigrant.Today emigration portal

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