Buying a home in Canada, immigrant support, discrimination and other news

Buying a home in Canada, immigrant support, discrimination and other news

We tell you about the main events of the past week.

Buying a home in Canada

The Bank of Canada raised its key rate to 1.5%. That's not much, but Canadians are worried. For more than 20 years, Canadian residents' spending has exceeded their income. Consumer debt per capita is $20,686 CAD, and that's not including mortgages. Many Canadians bought homes on variable rate loans, which were very low back then. Now they have to pay four times as much, and since food and gasoline prices are also going up, it's a disaster for some families.

Also, the Bank of Canada has published new income requirements for those who buy homes on credit. It's hardest to buy a detached home in Vancouver or Victoria, having to set aside 10% of income per month for a down payment for 30 years. If home buyers are not willing to pay 20% of the cost of the house outright, they will have to ensure the mortgage, and the monthly payments will increase by at least $500 CAD.

But there are also provinces with an adequate ratio of salaries to the cost of apartments even in large cities, for example, Alberta and Manitoba. If you want to stay in Canada for a long time, choose the province wisely so you don't end up in a situation where no home loan is available. People live well in smaller Canadian cities, too, and immigrant requirements are much lower, it is enough to have a basic English level.

Full list of cities with average real estate prices and mortgage loan approval conditions.

Elections in Ontario

In Ontario, there was an election of the local government. Each constituency chose a parliament member, and the party's leader with the most representatives in parliament became prime minister for the next four years. This time again the Progressive-Conservative Party won. Before the election, the party published a budget that it would implement. $15.1 million CAD over three years to invest in Ontario's provincial immigration program.

The province will seek permission from the federal government to double the number of immigrants: instead of 9,000 a year to accept 18,000 new permanent residents, including through a family sponsorship program. The government also promises to make it easier for foreigners to prove their qualifications. Professionals in dozens of in-demand professions, such as plumbers or auto mechanics, will get the necessary licenses in 30 days. The Ontario government will spend $67 million CAD on licensing professionals who have already achieved Permanent Resident status but couldn't prove their education and work experience.

Immigrants in Canada

Atlantic Canada has opened a free telephone counseling service for prospective immigrants and is about to pass legislation to simplify licensing of foreign professionals. Registration for the virtual job fair of Atlantic Canada, which we talked about in the last digest, is also still open.

In recent weeks, the province of Quebec has had a controversial policy on immigrants. As of May 24, foreign professionals who have a Quebec Certificate of Eligibility may not wait for approval from Immigration Canada, but instead, get an expedited open permit to work in Quebec. Family members of the principal applicant will also receive open work and study permits.

Also, as of May 24, the rules for issuing labour market impact assessments changed; Canadian employers are no longer required to advertise vacancies and search for local professionals before hiring temporary foreign workers. If employers pay temporary foreign workers less than the minimum hourly rate, then must compensate them for health insurance and tickets home, and provide adequate housing.

On June 1, the French Respect Act was approved by the queen, that is, it passed all stages of adoption. On the same day, the Prime Minister of Quebec said that English-speaking immigrants were a threat to the French language. He would demand additional immigration powers from the federal government to invite more francophones under the family reunification program.

The Quebec government has published an appeal to residents, condemning journalists for "spreading falsehoods" and assuring that there is and will be no infringement on the rights of English speakers. Although the new law bans the provision of public services in English, the Quebec government has not yet developed specific rules for implementing the law and is giving itself one more year to discuss it. It is not known whether the ban applies to temporary foreign workers, how long it will last and how the length of their stay in Quebec will be checked.

Embassy in Russia

Canada's ambassador to Germany visited Armenia back in late February, but the report with recommendations on Canada's future policy in relations with Armenia was published on the Canadian government website only in early June. Canada is worried about its embassy in Moscow, which also represents the country in Armenia and Uzbekistan. While it still provides services to Russians, but it is very likely that it will soon be moved to Yerevan.

Immigration selections

Just two provinces staged immigration shenanigans last week.

On May 31, British Columbia held a general screening in which it invited 147 people, including technicians. The targeted selection included workers from in-demand professions, and 30 people were invited. The province needed health professionals, veterinarians, animal technicians, and early childhood educators. A total of 177 people were invited.

On June 2, it sent out 146 invitations to nominate Manitoba. Fifty-four candidates graduated from local institutions, and 92 foreign stream candidates demonstrated a willingness to live and work in Manitoba.

Alex Pavlenko, founder of the emigration portal Immigrant.Today

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