Free flights from Poland for Ukrainians and other news from Canada

Free flights from Poland for Ukrainians and other news from Canada

Charters from Poland to Canada, a change in the amounts required for immigration in a bank account, a record drop in unemployment, a shortage of skilled workers and other news from May 9-15.

Aid to Ukraine

Canada's immigration minister announced dates of free flights for Ukrainians. On May 23, May 29 and June 2, those who have been approved for a visa under the Canada-Ukraine Emergency Entry Permit will be picked up from Poland. An invitation to check-in will be sent to the e-mail address you provided when you filled out the form. The number of seats is limited.

Recall that we released guide for Ukrainians who want to apply for a Canadian visa. In the book you will find more than a hundred pages of useful information: about applying, adapting in Canada, helping newcomers in each province and much more.

Immigration News

The cost of immigrating to Canada under federal programs is increasing. The Department of Immigration has changed the requirements for the amount of money that must be in an applicant's account. The minimum amount per person will increase by $97 CAD to $13310 CAD starting June 9. The change will affect people waiting for a permanent residency invitation under federal programs, but only those without Canadian work experience or a job offer in Canada.

On May 11, Immigration Canada held its tenth selection of this year's provincial nominees. Five hundred and forty-five people were invited to apply for permanent residency. A minimum score of 753 points was required.

The province of Quebec has published the results of an immigration raffle held on May 5. Only 30 people received invitations. All had a job offer outside the greater Montreal area.

The province of British Columbia held two immigration draws on May 10. Targeted selections were for health care professionals, technicians and early childhood educators. 171 candidates were invited to apply for a provincial nomination. The second selection invited fewer than five entrepreneurs looking to start a business in small communities across the province.

The Ministry of Immigration, Francization and Integration has announced job fairs in Paris and online sessions for francophones who want to move to Quebec. Immigration officials will talk in detail about finding a job and adapting in the province. Two webinars will focus on job opportunities for medical technologists.

You can find out the schedule of events and register for participation on the official website of the Ministry.

Canadian labor market

Unemployment in Canada has fallen to a record level. The previous record was set in March of this year. The unemployment rate is now 5.2%. The involuntary underemployment rate has also fallen to a record low of 15.7%. Employers complain that finding workers is difficult. Retail trade and construction are particularly affected.

Trade jobs don't usually require special qualifications, but professional construction workers are in short supply in Canada. Statistics Canada estimates that 700,000 professionals will retire by 2028. 250,000 of them will be construction workers. To take their places, a minimum of 75,000 apprentices would need to be trained on the job per year. Canadian teenagers don't want working professions. Only 2% of 15-year-old girls confidently responded that they intend to get a job. The government believes Canada will need carpenters, welders, auto mechanics, masons, cooks and hairdressers the most.

Canada also lacks agricultural workers. Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan are the three provinces that provide Canada with wheat, sunflowers, meat and other products. The federal government has allocated $140,000,000 CAD to extend aid to immigrants going to remote parts of these provinces.

World rankings of cities by work-life balance put Alberta's capital city in the highest position compared to other Canadian cities. Alberta's capital city ranked 53rd, while Calgary, also in Alberta, ranked 54th.

Tourist season

Cruise ships are calling into Canadian coastal towns for the first time since the pandemic. The provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador are excited about the large number of drifting icebergs and are counting on an influx of tourists who want to see icebergs up close and see whales and sea birds.

A big influx of tourists is also expected in Toronto. The city plans to welcome 37 cruise ships this year. TorontoLife has compiled a list of things Torontoites are proud of. 25 reasons to love Toronto this May are listed on our website.

The province of Manitoba is also preparing to welcome tourists — but only in early August. For two weeks there will be the 51st Multicultural Folklorama Festival. Each immigrant diaspora living in the province will showcase folk songs, dances and other arts. At the last festival, the cultures of more than forty different peoples were represented. This year, 25 diasporas have already announced their participation.

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