Which cities in Canada have the best work-life balance?

Which cities in Canada have the best work-life balance?

Tourist portal Holidu compared cities around the world.

The authors of the rating took into account the following indicators:

  • the average number of working hours per year in the country;
  • the average number of hours of sleep each night across the country;
  • minimum number of days of compulsory paid leave in the country;
  • the number of trips abroad each year (divided by the country's population);
  • the level of happiness/well-being of the inhabitants of a particular city;
  • the average length of commute in a particular city;
  • affordability of the city (average monthly salary excluding taxes minus the average cost of rent and bills).

The cities of Alberta Edmonton and Calgary are 53rd and 54th, respectively. Their residents work 1,689 hours a year, sleeping 7 hours and 23 minutes each night. They, like all Canadians, are entitled to an average of 16 vacation days a year, and usually only go on vacation once a year.

Unfortunately, vacations in Canada are short — compare with other countries.

Edmonton residents spend 29 minutes commuting to work. Average per capita income is $3,200 CAD per month. Calgarians spend 30 minutes commuting to work and earn an average of $3,430 CAD.

In 62nd place is Vancouver. Its residents have a longer commute to work: 37 minutes. Net income is lower, because Vancouver is the most expensive city in Canada. On average, Vancouverites earn $2,380 CAD per month.

The 65th place is Ottawa, where people commute 39 minutes to work and earn $2,430 CAD per month.

The 67th place was taken by Canada's largest city, Toronto. Its residents spend 45 minutes on the road and earn $3,375 CAD.

In 69th place is Montreal — 39 minutes to work, average income $2,020 CAD.

We published statistics from 2019 on traffic jams in Canadian cities; not much has changed since then.

What are the world's best cities in terms of Work/Life Balance?

In first place is Copenhagen, Denmark. People there work 1,380 hours a year and are entitled to 36 days of vacation. Residents of Copenhagen can afford an average of 2 vacation trips during the year and 8 hours and 50 minutes of sleep every night. Their average income in Canadian currency is $2,282 CAD.

Second place went to Reykjavik, Iceland. They work 1,454 hours a year, but also take 38 days off, traveling twice a year on average. The average income in Canadian currency is $2,404 CAD.

In the top thirty are only European cities. After the Scandinavian countries, the first places go to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France.

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