The world's largest multicultural festival

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The Canadian province of Manitoba is preparing to welcome tourists after the pandemic.

From July 31 to August 13, 2022, Manitoba will host its 51st Multicultural Folklorama Festival. It usually features more than 40 immigrant cultures living in the province.

Each ethnicity opens a pavilion for visitors, where they demonstrate folk songs, dances and other arts, as well as treats with national cuisine. The total number of visitors in 2018 reached 445,000, and many cultures from different regions of the world were represented: worked pavilions of Africa, Argentina, Hungary, the Caribbean, Ireland, Chile, Egypt, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Germany, Greece, India, Israel, Korea, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia, Serbia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Brazil, France, China, Croatia, Pannonia (historical region in Central Europe), Italy, Japan, Mexico, Scotland, Philippines, Poland, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, South Sudan. There were also pavilions representing indigenous and mestizo cultures in Canada, and a pavilion for the Tamils, a people who live in India, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka.

The Folklorama Festival brings at least $10 million CAD to the provincial economy annually. In 2022, Manitoba will invest $400,000 CAD in the festival. $300,000 CAD will be spent to support the 25-plus pavilions that have announced their participation this year. The $100,000 CAD will provide a reduction in ticket prices.

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