Express Entry's first selection in the new year

Express Entry

Canada invited significantly fewer candidates than before.

On January 5, Canada sent 392 invitations to candidates registered in the Express Entry system. Luck smiled on those from provincial programs. This is the first selection in this category in 2022.

The minimum passing score on the Complex Ranking System was 808. The score requirement may seem high, but that's because all invited entrants previously received provincial nominations. Express Entry candidates who receive a nomination are automatically awarded 600 points on top of their original score for age, education, language skills and other factors.

Express Entry is Canada's system for selecting immigrants through three federal economic class programs:

Under the 2021-2023 immigration plan, Canada aims to admit about 110,000 immigrants annually through Express Entry. For 2021, more than 114,000 invitations were issued.

It is not yet known how Express Entry selections will evolve in the new year. Since the end of 2020, Canada has not had selections for qualified people; by the end of 2021, selections for people with experience in Canada had ceased. The 2021 budget described planned changes to occur in Express Entry, but they have not yet been implemented.

To increase your chances of being invited to apply to Express Entry, we recommend keeping an eye on history of passing scores and number of invitations.

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