Another job fair in Canada

Another job fair in Canada

This time they are inviting candidates for a popular profession.

This winter, the Province of New Brunswick will host an online information session for a number of professions in the transportation industry as well as their families.

Immigration officers will explain the opportunities to move to the province, and local employers will be recruiting from among the session participants. Successful candidates will be able to sign a work contract with a New Brunswick company and apply for permanent residency.


Applicants with experience in one of the professions will be considered:

Must have at least 1 year of full-time experience or 2 years of part-time experience within the last 5 years. Only paid work is taken into account, volunteering and internships are not eligible. The candidate's spouse can also take part in the session, regardless of profession.


Candidates who fit the requirements are invited to register on the online portal.

There you need to fill in the form and attach a number of documents in JPG or PDF format:

  • valid passport page with photo — obligatory;
  • a visa proving legal residence — obligatory if you are not residing in your home country;
  • report on certification of diploma of education — if available;
  • results of language test — if available;
  • a resume is a must;
  • Spouse's or spouse's curriculum vitae — optional.

The questionnaire consists of 4 pages. Important: be careful when filling in, because if you make a mistake, you will not be able to return to the previous page. Registration does not guarantee that you will participate in the information session.

The following information will be required on the application form:

  • level and field of education;
  • country of citizenship and current residence:
  • passport details;
  • age;
  • English and French levels (based on test results or personal assessment);
  • the amount of funds in the accounts;
  • presence of children;
  • Having relatives in New Brunswick and other Canadian provinces;
  • length of work experience in the required profession;
  • Having a profile on Express Entry and/or on the New Brunswick Provincial Website;
  • data on the spouse;
  • ability to communicate in social networks and messengers.

What's next?

The New Brunswick Commission will review applications and contact candidates who are interested. They will be informed of the exact date and time of the information session. Only candidates selected by the Commission will be allowed to participate. Participants who are interested in the province or employers will then have the opportunity to immigrate to New Brunswick through one of the provincial programs or the Atlantic program.

If you need help selecting an immigration program or processing documents for immigration, you can get help from licensed immigration consultants.

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