Canadian province creates new work opportunities

Canadian province creates new work opportunities

Tens of thousands of jobs will appear in the coming years in several areas.

Job vacancies in the province Alberta increased by 9,000 in October, and job prospects can be described as positive. But the government intends to invest in the development of several sectors to sustain the economy and create even more job openings.


Alberta's technology sector is growing rapidly and is one of the drivers of the province's economy and job growth.

$35 million CAD over the next three years will be used to develop businesses in the technology sector. Companies will have access to acceleration programs that involve training, mentoring and investment, as well as a Plug and Play platform that connects start-ups, corporations, venture capitalists, universities and government agencies. The initiative will help create more than 20,000 new jobs in Alberta's technology sector.

Another $4.3 billion CAD will be invested by Amazon, a multinational corporation. The funds are earmarked for cloud computing companies in Calgary. This is the largest investment in Alberta's technology sector and will bring approximately 1,000 jobs to the province.

Several technology-related companies are also expected to open in Alberta: Canadian bank RBC Innovation Centre (300 jobs), Mphasis headquarters (1,000 jobs), technology giant Infosys (500 jobs), mCloud Technologies Corp headquarters (500 jobs).

In total, Alberta's IT sector is slated to create more than 23,000 jobs over the next few years.


The Alberta government will invest more than $117 million CAD in agricultural development and in particular water management in the southern part of the province. This is the largest investment in the history of the region and will create 7,300 jobs in agriculture and 1,400 jobs in construction. There are also plans to attract $1.4 million CAD of investment to create an additional 2,000 jobs. A total of about 11,000 new jobs can be expected.


The Government of Alberta is renewing its agreement with Tolko Industries, a tree planting and timber management company in the province. Along with the agreement is a Forestry Job Creation Plan. Tolko Industries supports well-paying jobs and also trains job seekers.


Childcare companies were hit hard during the pandemic. $19 million CAD will be allocated to day-care centres, and separately $20.5 million to retain and attract qualified staff.

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