9 places in Canada with a European flair

9 places in Canada with a European flair

French country lanes, Norwegian fjords or Scottish hills – Canada has everything for the perfect trip.

Canadians don't need to cross the Atlantic Ocean to get to Europe, just visit a few places. We've decided to share with you a list of cities and parks that will impress you with their European flair.


A perfect slice of France right in Canada. With cobbled streets, historic buildings, especially Notre-Dame-de-Québec and Chateau Frontenac, you can feel like you are travelling through medieval French streets.

Banff National Park

What about Switzerland in the province of Alberta? The Banff Park has snow-capped mountains, wildlife, hiking trails and yet European comfort.

Grosse Morne National Park

This national park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And no wonder, as the territory of Newfoundland and Labrador has deep fjords, glacial valleys, waterfalls and clear lakes, not inferior to those in Norway.

St. John's

A former fishing village and now a major city, St. John's resembles the sights of Ireland. And all because of the abundance of rain, the ocean, the colorful houses and the dark orange foliage.

Boyne Valley Provincial Park

In autumn the place looks particularly attractive. Vast fields, grass on the hills and golden foliage recreate the atmosphere of the Scottish highlands, but in the province of Ontario.


This city in British Columbia is bursting with English style, from the architecture to the horse-drawn carriages and the bright flowerbeds.


The Victorian town will delight you with its moat, drawbridge and stone buildings. All this will help you feel the atmosphere of medieval Europe.


This B.C. town has been compared to the ski resorts of Austria and Switzerland. Many skiing enthusiasts do stay here.


One of Canada's most European cities. Some even call it the Capital of Culture. And no wonder, because its architecture, bistros, cobblestone paths are very similar to the streets of Paris.

As you can see, life in Canada offers many interesting opportunities, including travel. By moving here, you can significantly improve your standard of living. Safety, decent earnings, high quality education — all this can be available. The main thing is to decide and determine the right way for you to immigrate.

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