Temporary immigration programs may be extended

Temporary immigration programs may be extended

Canada is considering changes to the conditions in a number of immigration streams.

In spring 2021, Canada launched 6 new immigration streams that will allow 90,000 people to become permanent residents. The application process lasts until November 5, 2021, and is already closed for some programs.

It is now under consideration to extend the admission to the programs and to allow refugees to apply as well. As a rule, people who apply for asylum are not eligible for regular immigration programs. Canadian Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino spoke about the possible changes.

The country's government has faced several challenges related to the new streams at once. One of the streams is for health professionals now working in Canada. Of the 20,000 places envisaged under this program, 14,000 remain unfilled, although recruitment is expected to close very soon. On the other hand, the programmes have come under criticism because refugee health professionals who helped Canada during the pandemic are not eligible to apply.

"The very people who work on the front lines during COVID are excluded from this program," commented Syed Hussan, executive director of the Migrant Workers Alliance, calling this decision strange.

Immigration to Canada in 2021

Canada has set a record number of new immigrants in 2021 — 401,000 people. As of August 31, 70% of the people receiving permanent residency were previously temporary residents of Canada — that is, they were in the country on a work or student visa. The largest selections were through Express Entry, but the annual target in that system is already fulfilled, so it will now be harder to recruit immigrants.

Some businesses are asking the Canadian government to bring in more professionals from abroad because there are not enough workers in the country. According to University of Ottawa immigration law professor Jamie Chai Yun Liu, people who are in Canada on a work visa should be given permanent residency status first. Mendicino also says temporary workers should be given more options, but says their rights should be protected regardless of their status.

There are more than 120 immigration programs in Canada that allow a wide variety of applicants to move to the country. A licensed immigration consultant will find the best immigration route for you and help you with all the paperwork.

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