Changes in immigration, jobs in Canada and other news of the week

Changes in immigration, jobs in Canada and other news of the week

Several important events took place during the week of September 20-26.

Immigration selections

The week was graced with several immigration selections, with a total of over 1,000 people invited.

British Columbia has selected 74 candidates in a drawing for IT professionals. The province of Ontario sent out invitations to five immigration streams at once. 995 people were selected from the foreign professionals and graduates of Canadian universities, and another 72 applicants were selected from the in-demand professionals stream.

There was also a lottery last week for the family sponsorship program. The Department of Immigration randomly selected 30,000 lucky people. Invitations are still being sent out.

Immigration news

Important news that concerns many immigrants: Canada has met its annual target for invitations through Express Entry. It is possible that there will be no more selections in this system. In another significant development, last week Canada held a parliamentary election. We looked at how their results might influence immigration.

Quebec has once again shown that it is one of Canada's best regions for immigration with children. The province has released a new law that makes children of immigrants, foreign workers and students eligible for free health insurance.

Jobs in Canada

Quebec has one of the toughest labour markets since the pandemic because companies are short of employees. But the demand for few professions, which include both skilled trades and workers, has especially increased.

Overall, now is a very good time to look for jobs in Canada. Job seekers, even foreign applicants, are in a good position because of the shortage of professionals. Many Canadian companies are willing to consider candidates from overseas because they are not sure they can find staff in Canada.

Manufacturing workers should take a closer look at Toronto Airport. A large private jet manufacturing plant is being built on its site. It is expected that about 3,000 employees will be needed there by the time the facility launches.

More good news is that Canada is expected to see increase wages in 2022, especially in retail, hospitality and IT.

The Government of Canada has updated the NOC national occupational classifier. Its structure has changed completely. Gradually, all immigration programs will switch to the new NOC.

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