Recruiting jobs in Canada

Recruiting jobs in Canada

It's not hard to find work in Canada; it's one of the most challenging and in-demand professions.

Canada has very good job prospects for human resources workers. Government data show that supply and demand in the labour market for this profession will be balanced in the near future.

Specialists with work experience are most in demand in Canada. Most employers also look for a degree in human resources education and a special license. The ability to work with data, prepare and deliver presentations, understand human resources trends and social media technologies will open doors for you to any Canadian company.

From this article you will learn:

  • Recruiters' salary levels in Canada;
  • lines of business;
  • Where and how recruiters work in Canada;
  • employment requirements;
  • how to get a license as a certified specialist;
  • immigration and recruitment options in Canada.

Recruiter Salary

The salary of a hiring manager in Canada depends on different factors: job requirements, position, work experience and province. Recruiters with experience earn 20-25% more than beginners.

According to official information, recruitment professionals in Canada earn an average of $55,336 CAD per year or $4,611 CAD per month.

Recruiters also typically receive benefits such as dental insurance, paid vacation and sick leave, and contributions to the Canada Pension Plan.

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