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Working as a real estate agent (realtor) in Canada

Working as a real estate agent (realtor) in Canada

A career as a real estate agent is a great choice to work in Canada!

Many people after immigrating to Canada decide to either completely change their occupation or continue working in their profession. Often, new immigrants choose a career as a real estate agent. This is quite a popular profession in Canada and it is likely to become even more in demand in the coming years as more immigrants come to Canada in need of specialists to choose their new home.

"So, realtor or real estate agent? What's the difference?" you ask. And we will answer that both titles refer to a professional who works with real estate. But in Canada, such a word as "realtor" is rarely used, as this profession is correctly called "real estate agent". And the word "realtor" is actually a registered trademark and belongs to the US National Association of Realtors. Therefore, the use of the word "realtor" is appropriate only among members of that organization.

In this article, we'll look at:

  • the salary level of a real estate agent;
  • responsibilities;
  • where realtors work and what they specialize in;
  • work schedule;
  • employment requirements;
  • programs for immigration.

Why a realtor?

First of all, this profession is chosen because of the potentially high earnings. On average, an agent earns 2-2.5% when selling or buying real estate. So, if a real estate agent completes a transaction with a house in Vancouver worth $1,000,000 CAD*, they will earn $20,000 CAD in commissions, If with a house in Toronto worth $840,000 CAD*, then the agent will earn $16,800 CAD, and finally, if the agent deals with a house in Montreal worth $387,000 CAD*, he will earn $7,740 CAD.

*Average residential real estate prices, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association.

As you can see, the income is very good. If you enjoy meeting new people and controlling your work-life balance, you can earn hundreds of thousands a year through your work as a real estate agent.

Duties of a real estate agent

Technically real estate agents help clients buy, sell, rent or lease houses, apartments, commercial buildings and other properties.

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