Immigration to the Yukon - Canada's provincial program (YNP)

Immigration to the Yukon - Canada

You can immigrate to Canada through one of the provincial programs, the Yukon Nominee Program.

Located in Canada's far northwest, Yukon holds a legendary place in the country's history. It is known for the Klondike gold rush of the late 1890s. Today, the population of Yukon barely exceeds 30,000 people, who live mostly in the territory's capital, Whitehorse. The local economy is based mainly on mining and tourism. Yukon is a perfect place for people who appreciate small, friendly communities and beautiful natural spaces.

Applicants who do not score the required points for immigration to Canada through the federal program can try to immigrate through one of the 11 provincial programs. They are suitable for a wide range of occupations. These programs are also interesting for those who plan to live and work in a particular province or territory.

The Yukon Nominee Program (YNP) includes several streams:

  • Yukon Express Entry stream is for qualified professionals who have an Express Entry profile and have received a job offer in Yukon;
  • Skilled Worker stream is for qualified professionals with a job offer in Yukon;
  • Critical Impact Worker stream is for in-demand workers with a job offer in Yukon;
  • Business Nominee stream is for entrepreneurs who are planning to own and operate a business in Yukon.

By choosing one of these streams, you can receive a nomination from the Yukon, through which you can qualify for permanent residency in Canada and Canadian citizenship after three years of permanent residency.

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