Immigration to British Columbia for masters and PhD graduates

Immigration to British Columbia for masters and PhD graduates

Graduates of B.C. universities with a master's or doctorate degree can immigrate to Canada through the International Post-Graduate stream.

The International Post-Graduate stream of the B.C. provincial program allows candidates with a master's or PhD degree to immigrate to Canada. The advantage of this stream is that candidates do not need work experience and a job offer.


There are two options for participating in the International Post-Graduate stream:

  • for candidates who meet the requirements of one of the federal programs and have an Express Entry profile;
  • for candidates without an Express Entry profile.

Candidates without an Express Entry profile have to meet only one requirement: have graduated in the last 3 years with a master’s or doctorate degree in one of the eligible programs:

  • agriculture.
  • biological and biomedical sciences.
  • computer and information sciences and support services.
  • engineering.
  • engineering technology.
  • health professions and related clinical sciences.
  • mathematics and statistics.
  • natural resources conservation and research.

Those who use the Express Entry option need to meet the minimum requirements of one of the three federal programs:

How to apply

To apply for the program, you must create an account on the B.C. provincial website and provide the required information. f you chose the Express Entry option, you must first create a profile in the Express Entry system.


To learn about other BC provincial program streams, see "Immigration to British Columbia — Canada's provincial program (BC PNP)".

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