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Long-awaited news: our students have received their PALs and are preparing for their trip to Canada

Long-awaited news: our students have received their PALs and are preparing for their trip to Canada

Immigrant.Today assures that every student will get the desired education in Canada on time.

As you already know, at the end of January, the Government of Canada introduced new rules for international students entering Canadian universities. One of the innovations was the provincial attestation letter (PAL).

Attestation letters are a confirmation that an international student can hold a place at a college or university in a particular province in accordance with a quota for the allocation of student places. The introduction of this document was a new challenge for both students and Canadian provinces and universities, which took some time to develop and implement a system for issuing Letters of Approval.

Work on regulating the PAL issuance system was actively underway until March 31, 2024. Finally, in April, our students began to actively receive their long-awaited provincial certification letters.

Our first clients to receive certification letters were college students from the provinces of Ontario and New Brunswick.

PAL of our client from Georgian College in Ontario

Now, with this document available, our students will be able to apply for a student visa to Canada.

With the surge of international students receiving PALs, many may have concerns about the timeline for receiving their long-awaited study permits in Canada.

The company Immigrant.Today hastens to assure its clients that everyone will be able to get their visas on time. Our specialists have foreseen the development of the situation in advance and carry out their work clearly in accordance with the plan. Thanks to the hard work of our immigration experts, every student will realize their dream and get the desired education in Canada.

It is worth remembering that some groups of students are exempt from receiving PALs:

  • elementary and secondary school students;
  • Master's and doctoral students;
  • students already authorized to study in Canada and their family members;
  • students who are already studying in Canada and are applying to extend their student visa;
  • students who have had time to apply for a student visa before January 22, 2024.

If you are not yet our client and are just considering studying abroad, make an appointment for a consultation with our specialists, who will inform you in detail about education in Canada, help you to choose a suitable educational institution, as well as collect and process all the documents necessary to obtain a student visa.

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