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Way to Europe: new opportunities for education abroad with Immigrant.Today

Way to Europe: new opportunities for education abroad with Immigrant.Today

We tell you about European educational institutions that are waiting for international students to enroll in their academic programs.

Our company Immigrant.Today is pleased to announce the expansion of our cooperation with new academic destinations. We are now ready to offer admission to new universities — this time we are opening the way to Europe for you.

At the Pathways to Europe webinar, our partners presented their institutions and educational programs in detail. We are eager to share this information with you!

New European College

New European College is a private international business school located in Munich, Germany. The college offers programs accredited by its partner institution, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, and the Accreditation Foundation for International Business Administration.

The multinational community of the college consists of 80% international students. Teaching is in English, but the college also offers free German language courses.

The college has a student-centered atmosphere and classes are held in groups of no more than 25 students. In order to achieve the best results for their students, the college has decided to replace the traditional semester-based education with blocks of 6 weeks each.

Academic modules are studied on the basis of project activities, which is one of the key performance indicators. Thus, during the project week, which is a mandatory part of all blocks, students have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the university's employment partners and develop their skills in practice. Thanks to the close contact with potential employers at the training stage, college graduates have no problems with subsequent employment.

New European College offers sought-after programs of study:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA);
  • Master of Business Management (MBM);
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Admission to the college is flexible, with enrollment occurring 6 times throughout the year.

PFH Private University of Applied Sciences

PFH University campuses are located in two German cities, Hamburg and Göttingen. The university was recognized by the Ministry of Science and Culture in 1995 and accredited by the Scientific Council.

PFH Private University of Applied Sciences is the oldest private university in Lower Saxony and aims to prepare students for the current needs of the market and economy and to develop entrepreneurial thinking.

The main areas of study of the university are the fields of management and technology, in which it offers an extensive range of master's programs. Recruitment takes place twice a year, in April and October.

Master's programs are designed in such a way that after graduation students can immediately find a job on the order of their program. The University is ready to guarantee employment to every student on MBA programs and undertakes to reimburse 20% of tuition fees for those who could not find a place within 9 months after graduation.

However, students can start working while they are studying at university — no special work permit is required. Students are allowed to work 140 days per year on a full-time basis and 280 days on a part-time basis.

EU Business School

EU Business School is an international business school with a long history specializing in business and management education. The school has campuses in Geneva (Switzerland), Barcelona (Spain), and Munich (Germany). Since 2022 it has been a member of the OMNES Education Group.

EU Business School offers a variety of degree programs, including bachelor's, master's, MBA and doctoral programs. The main areas of specialization include management, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship. All subjects are aimed at developing entrepreneurial and innovative thinking and leadership skills, which are key in business.

International students are taught in English in compact classrooms and are engaged in active extracurricular activities.EU students also have access to a wide range of academic opportunities, including paid internships with reputable international organizations.

EU Business School actively supports the entrepreneurial spirit among its students by offering various innovative programs and events such as startup competitions, incubators and entrepreneurship training sessions.

A number of educational programs also provide remote learning to their students.

Swiss Education Group (SEG)

Swiss Education Group is a large group of educational institutions specializing in hospitality. It includes four schools: the Swiss Academy of Culinary Arts, HIM (Hospitality Institute of Management), the Swiss School of Hotel Management and Cesar Ritz Colleges in Switzerland.

SEG has several top-ranked campuses in Switzerland, including Zurich, Lake Geneva, Lucerne and Brig. These campuses offer state-of-the-art academic and residential facilities for students.Due to its location, the university offers students the opportunity to receive their education amidst spectacular natural vistas and engage in many outdoor extracurricular activities.

SEG Education Group is renowned for the quality of its education, which is confirmed by world rankings. SEG offers a wide range of educational programs, including bachelor's and master's degrees in hotel management, hotel industry, hospitality business and management, tourism and so on.

Training takes place in an international environment that fosters cross-cultural interaction and collaboration.

Upon graduation, a wide range of career opportunities are open to graduates. In addition, Swiss Education Group helps its students find the best employers. Twice a year, the organization holds international recruitment forums where students meet recruiters from various areas of the hospitality industry, including representatives from major hotel chains, catering and event companies, airlines and cruise lines.

How to start studying at a European university?

If your dream is to get a quality education at the international level, which will be the key to success in your future career and life, we recommend you to start this path now.

Our company is ready to help you enroll in our partner universities in Europe. Each educational organization offers a wide variety of programs that will vary in cost and admission requirements. Our specialists will be able to discuss with you the most suitable programs, terms and requirements.

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