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A new study opportunity in Canada for secondary school students - Longbridge Academy

A new study opportunity in Canada for secondary school students - Longbridge Academy

Longbridge Academy, a Canadian school, invites students in grades 9-12 to get an education in one of the most developed countries in the world and opens doors to the best universities in Canada.

Every parent dreams of giving their child the best of everything. One of the main keys to success is quality education, which allows them to enter the best universities and find a decent job in the future.

Education in Canada is considered one of the best and is recognized all over the world. A child who receives a school diploma in this country has a huge range of opportunities for further development.

Our Immigrant.Today team is delighted to introduce you to our new partner, Longbridge Academy.

School location

The school is located in the city of Aurora, Ontario. This small city of about 60,000 people is only 30 kilometers north of the provincial capital, Toronto.

Curriculum and Perspectives

Longbridge Academy offers education for students in grades 9 to 12, leading to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). The educational process of the school is based on the curriculum of the Ontario Ministry of Education. The school's teaching system is aimed at developing practical skills and creative thinking. Special attention is paid to preparing students for higher education, with the help of professional counselors.

After graduation, children will be able to attend top universities in Canada, such as the University of Toronto or the University of Waterloo, and receive college scholarships.

The program of study is 5 semesters long, and a certain number of credits must be earned in each academic year.

In total, only 30 credits are required for graduation: 18 in obligotary courses and 12 in electives. In addition to credits, all students in Canada must complete 40 hours of volunteer work to successfully complete secondary education.

Courses of study include disciplines in the humanities, business, languages, sciences, arts, and math.

In addition to the main academic timetable, every student will have the opportunity to attend numerous extra-curricular activities and events. The school hosts various concerts and clubs, sports competitions, and organizes excursions. Additional leadership training programs and English summer camps are popular.

International students are given the opportunity to attend ESL (English as a Second Language) classes to assist them in learning a foreign language.

School policy

The school welcomes international students from all over the world: students from Canada, China, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, creating an intercultural and international environment.

Teaching takes place in small groups, thereby providing a personalized approach to each student. The school sets high personal and academic standards for its students, which are achieved through the support and thorough guidance of the teaching staff. Each student is seen as a unique individual whose individual talents and abilities require special development. There is continuous communication between all parties in the learning process: communication between teachers, students and their parents is important at the school.

The teaching staff at Longbridge Academy involves only highly qualified professionals. Each teacher has a master's degree or PhD and extensive experience in education.

Cost of training

School enrollment takes place several times a year, which gives students and their parents a great deal of flexibility in preparing and completing all the necessary paperwork. You can start school in September, November, January, March or May.

One year of study at Longbridge Academy costs $21,000 CAD. Students coming from CIS countries have a unique opportunity to receive a $5,000 CAD scholarship.

Online training

At Longbridge Academy, students also have the option of online learning. All classes are conducted on the school's platform, which provides access to its students. All materials, lectures, assignments and courses will also be collected here.

Thus, it is possible to complete the entire educational program from abroad and come to Canada only to take the mandatory final test — OSSLT (Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test), which results in a diploma of secondary education in the province of Ontario.

Learning remotely offers two options:

  • Self-study (cost $1,000 CAD per course).
  • Self-study with weekly consultations with the instructor ($1,600 CAD per course + 8 consultations).

The learner is given 3 months to complete one course.

The online option is ideal for those who are afraid of taking risks and want to familiarize themselves with the school's curriculum and teaching methods first. Therefore, you can start online and only later apply for a study visa and send your child to Canada to complete the necessary knowledge directly in the classroom.


For its international students, the school offers supervised family placement for the child. Families and guardians are carefully selected and screened to ensure the child's complete safety and the most comfortable living conditions. The student will also be provided with meals on campus. The cost of the residential family matching service ranges from $1,700 CAD to $2,000 CAD per month.

Upon arrival in Aurora, an international student will be assigned a full-time mentor who will be responsible for fully supporting the child during their first few years in Canada. Mentors will help with insurance, necessary paperwork, opening a bank account, and shopping for the first few purchases.

How do I get into Longbridge Academy School?

As we mentioned at the beginning, Longbridge Academy is a partner of our company and you can enroll directly through us. For detailed advice, please contact our experts who will guide you through all the details of studying in Canada, applying for a study permit and helping you and your family on your way to Canadian life!

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