Ontario updates international student admission rules

Ontario updates international student admission rules

Federal reforms were followed by provincial reforms.

Ontario is introducing changes to its provincial admissions policy for international students. Minister of Colleges and Universities  Jill Dunlop announced an action plan that includes increased vetting of programs, housing guarantees for international students and tighter oversight of private career colleges.

Among the innovations is a moratorium on new partnership programs between public and private educational institutions. The decision was announced shortly after the federal government imposed a two-year cap on foreign student enrollment in an effort to reduce pressure on social services, including health care and housing.

New measures expected to enter into force shortly include the following initiatives:

  • reviewing and revising all programs offered by colleges and universities that enroll many international students;
  • testing the relevance of educational programs to the local labor market;
  • a moratorium on new partnerships between public and private colleges;
  • establishing feedback through student progress surveys;
  • a commitment for all colleges and universities to provide housing guarantees for international students.

In vocational colleges, on the other hand, coordination with ministries will be strengthened to better monitor compliance.

Ontario's problems

The province has specific problems that are less common to other regions of Canada. In particular, Ontario faces the challenge of dealing with irresponsible recruiters who exploit international students for their own gain by making dubious offers of employment and citizenship.

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