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Canada's Best Employers for Generation Z


How do Canadian companies attract young talent?

Zoomers or Generation Z, which consists of people born after 1996, are actively entering the job market and are projected to make up 30% of the workforce by 2030. Organizations across Canada are trying to create an environment that is attractive to young people. Canada's employers recognized in 2024 as the best for young employees tell us what's important for Generation Z.


The desire to work in organizations with close values is what distinguishes members of the younger generation. They are looking for jobs that not only provide competitive salaries, but also a chance to contribute to a better world.

BlackBerry Ltd., for example, offers many internships for graduates. Nita White-Ivy, HR Director, emphasizes that Generation Z values the opportunity to influence the world for the better and wants to be involved in meaningful work:

"They also see when it goes wrong and how bad actors can negatively impact people’s lives through cyberattacks and data breaches. That’s where BlackBerry comes in. We’re at the forefront of creating a secure and connected world, a mission we know our young employees proudly support."

Learning and growth

Company culture, work-life balance, flexibility and opportunities for development and growth are also important to zoomers. Training programs should be accessible and tailored to their preferences.

Young employees have a different attitude towards education. They prefer interactive and repetitive learning that becomes an ongoing and engaging process.

Ubisoft Canadian Studios approaches corporate education in a particularly creative way with its Warmup program, which includes skills training and cultural orientation, as well as providing mentors to support career development.

Workplace atmosphere

Generation Z treats mental health openly and without stigma, as evidenced by Alan Bouchard of Aboriginal Peoples Television Network Inc. who notes the importance of support and understanding in the work environment.

Flexible working hours have also become an important issue since the pandemic, and organizations like APTN are adapting their requirements to accommodate this trend. Candidates are actively interested in the corporate culture and sense of belonging at work, seeking fair and consistent treatment.

Easy come, easy go

Today's young employees are finding it within themselves to quickly leave organizations that do not meet their expectations in terms of culture, training or development. Organizations that want to attract and retain Generation Z talent must be prepared to offer a modern environment where values, development and flexibility are placed at the forefront.

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