Working conditions kicked Saskatchewan teachers out into the cold

Working conditions kicked Saskatchewan teachers out into the cold

The teachers went on strike to draw the attention of the authorities to the problems.

Saskatchewan 's professional teaching community has protested in the face of a harsh winter. On Tuesday, January 16, educators picketed in spite of the 30-degree cold.

The strike was warned in advance by the union, the Saskatchewan Teachers' Federation (STF). The strikers hope to attract the attention of the provincial authorities and encourage them to continue negotiations. The main problem cited by union members is the size of classes and the overall complexity of educational work. The goals of the action were announced by the teachers' spokesperson, STF president Samantha Becotte:

"Hopefully it shows government that we're serious about this issue, and it gets them back to the table and having conversations and making long term commitments for our students and for our teachers around the province."

What preceded the protest?

Negotiations between teachers and the government began in May 2023 and had reached an impasse by October. Teachers have been working without a contract since August.

Last week, the union demanded the government discuss issues related to class size and support for students with special needs. The independent arbitrator for the union's negotiations with the Saskatchewan government recognized that it was appropriate to include these topics in the discussion. Even so, they are still not being raised in formal negotiations.

Teachers have recently noted an increase in enrollment. The migration has put an additional 3,000 students on the provincial schools, while the teaching staff in public schools is only shrinking.

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