What are collegiate schools?

What are collegiate schools?

And why are there more and more of them in Alberta?

Education in Canada, especially higher education, is designed to produce skilled professionals for the labor market. But schoolchildren also sometimes need to be prepared for professional education at universities. The province of Alberta has come up with an experimental format for this purpose — collegiate schools.

What are collegiate schools?

The Government of Alberta defines them as specialized educational institutions that provide students with a direct pathway to post-secondary education and future careers. These schools — private, public, charter, French-speaking or Catholic — offer academic programs for students in grades 7-12.

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So far, 12 schools have been approved and are located in different parts of the province, in both villages and towns. Some will open this fall or have already opened, while others will welcome their first students next spring. Some of the schools have their own buildings. Others occupy space in existing schools and school divisions.

Alberta's approved collegiate schools are specialized. They have programs in environmental science, aviation, agriculture, health care, commercial driving, STEM majors and other skilled trades.

Collegiate schools must have a formal agreement with one or more institutions of higher education and offer experiential learning.

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