Great changes in Canada's government and other news of the week

Great changes in Canada

Sharing the most important events from July 24 to July 30.

Breaking news of the previous week was the Cabinet of Canada reformation. The country's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has "shaken up" the government and appointed new officials. This is the most global Cabinet reorganization since 2015.

Canada now has a new minister of immigration as well. Sean Fraser, who held this position, has become Minister of Housing, Infrastructure and Communities. And Marc Miller has taken over as Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship.

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In addition to Cabinet changes, the Canadian government announced the creation of a National Security Council. At the Council, ministers will address pressing issues related to the country's internal and external security concerns. So far, Trudeau has not said how the council will differ from existing structures.

Natural disasters

The environment is raging again in Canada. On the Canada-U.S. border, a wildfire has forced the evacuation of more than 700 homes, and residents of another 2,000 homes received warnings of possible evacuation shortly. The state of emergency will last until August 5.

And the province of Nova Scotia experienced heavy rains that caused flooding. Several bridges in the region were destroyed, buildings were flooded and a railroad was damaged. About 80,000 residents were left without power during the storm and about 600 people were evacuated because of the flooding.

Relief measures are already in place for Nova Scotians, as well as foreign workers and students. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada will replace documents free of charge for those affected by the disaster. And workers and students whose status expires before November 30 of this year will be able to apply for free reinstatement and even extensions if their place of work or study is temporarily out of service.

Immigration news

Canada expands the program for granting asylum to human rights defenders. The number of places in the program has doubled from 250 to 500. Human rights defenders can obtain refugee status if they are at risk of persecution or danger in their home country because of their work.

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Immigration draws

On July 25, the province of Ontario invited 95 French-speaking skilled workers. The passing scores were low this time, but there are very few invitations compared to other Ontario selections. Later, on the 28th, Ontario held a draw for entrepreneurs. 11 people were selected.

There was also a draw in British Columbia on July 25. The province selected 230 candidates among workers of various skills and graduates. Separately, educators, healthcare professionals, and veterinarians were invited.

Manitoba conducted two selections at once. On July 27, the province sent 609 invitations to several categories of applicants: skilled workers overseas, skilled workers in Manitoba, and international graduates. Some of the selected applicants had retail and sales occupations. And on July 28, Manitoba issued 21 invitations to Ukrainian nationals who were applying for permanent residency in the province.

Alex Pavlenko, founder of the Immigrant.Today emigration portal

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