5 reasons to learn English at ILAC

5 reasons to learn English at ILAC

Courses with native speakers for $5 per lesson. Let's find out more!

Knowledge of English is one of the prerequisites for applying to many Canadian immigration programs, as well as for admission to Canadian universities. And even though there are ways to move to a country with poor English, it is best to "tighten up" it in advance to make it easier to adapt to the new place. And we know the best places to do it.

ILAC is a Canadian language school that is rightfully regarded as one of the best in the world. ILAC has received annual awards for excellence in English language learning and is accredited in Canada and internationally. ILAC has students from more than 75 countries around the world and is affiliated with many universities in Canada.

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We can safely recommend ILAC. Both because we have been working with ILAC for several years, and because some of our staff have studied at ILAC, so we have seen for ourselves the quality of teaching. And since we are 100% confident in ILAC, we decided to tell you more about why you should choose this school to study English too. Especially if you decide to apply to a Canadian university.

Reason 1: level of teaching

As mentioned above, ILAC is considered one of the best in the world and every year it receives awards for its commitment to excellence in English language learning and teaching quality. For example, in 2021 ILAC was recognized as the best language school in Toronto. Obviously, the level here is very high.

This is largely due to the teaching staff. Every teacher at ILAC has experience teaching English to international students, is accredited by TESOL (Teachers of English as a Second Language) and holds a university degree.

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