How to be polite on a plane the Canadian way

How to be polite on a plane the Canadian way

What do Canadians think of airport and airline etiquette?

Technological advances are creating new rules, including etiquette. Canada recently conducted a survey asking Canadians what behavior they consider polite on airplanes and at airports. The good news is that Canadians' requirements for fellow passengers are very simple and easy to meet. Read our article on how not to be considered rude at a Canadian airport.

You can move, but you can't stand still

Canadians are very supportive of exercise at the airport. You won't be judged if you decide to stretch your muscles, walk around a bit or do some burpees in the waiting room. In fact, it will earn you a few points of social respect — Canadians love sports and active people. The important thing is that your exercise doesn't make others uncomfortable or take up too much space. If the waiting room is half-empty, you can even do push-ups.

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Canadians don't like those who make it difficult to move around the airport and interfere with rushing passengers. Do not stand motionless in the middle of the aisle, in the middle of the escalator or passenger conveyor belt. It is better to get off the moving lane and then step aside. Then you can safely make a call, check your social media, tie your shoelaces, or get your documents out of your bag.

But you shouldn't be too fast either, especially in a crowded place. No one will be offended if you rush down an empty aisle, but in a crowd you might bump someone or even run them over.

Make sure to wear shoes

Canada is a big country, and flights can take a long time. Sometimes people take off their shoes to give their feet a rest. First, you should only do this if you are sure that your feet smell good. If you sweat like a mouse, or had a long ride in a hot bus, take pity on your neighbors. If you are sure there are no unpleasant odors, you can carefully remove your shoes and put them under the seat.

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