Who is more democratic in Canada: women or men?

Who is more democratic in Canada: women or men?

A recent study showed unexpected results.

One of the most influential sources in statistics, polls and research has published data on Canadians' attitudes toward the values of democracy, equality and inclusion. The results show unequivocally that women are more likely to hold democratic values than men.

In 1982, under the administration of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms was adopted. This fundamental document governmental structure, both at the federal and all other levels.

The Charter also incorporates those values that are intrinsic to the Canadian nation. Among the basic and most relevant are: respect for the law, ethnic and cultural diversity and respect for Indigenous cultures, gender equality, and language dualism.

Although all Canadians are expected to share these ideals equally, women are far better at it and share these values more strongly than men.

Overall, 86% of Canadians value human rights, 81% value gender equality, and 80% respect the law. That's a very high number.

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