Obtaining a student visa - a review to the support of a licensed professional

Obtaining a student visa - a review to the support of a licensed professional

"If you dream and really want to move to Canada, by all means seek help from the Immigrant.Today team."

Our company, Reboot Your Life Immigration Services Corp. offers visa and immigration services with a licensed professional, which is especially helpful when you are struggling with the complex process of immigrating to Canada.

One of the surest ways to immigrate to Canada is through education. But before you apply, we suggest you book an initial consultation with our licensed specialist. This is necessary to assess your chances of obtaining a student visa, as each case is different.

We offer you to read the feedback on the consultation and full support of the document submitted from our company. In February 2023, Maxim received his student visa and will go to college in the spring:

Want to move to Canada? We provide support in immigration matters and assist with obtaining a visa. Book a consultation to discuss your situation with our licensed specialists and find out how we can help make your dream come true.

"Foremost, I would like to thank Alex and Ivanna, and your whole team for your work. I've been dreaming of moving to Canada for a long time and have been subscribed to Alex's YouTube channel Immigrant.Today for a long time now, I have watched almost all the videos. So in July I finally decided to sign up for a consultation. I booked an hour consultation because I wanted to have time for everything, and I prepared questions that interested me.

When booking a consultation, I could choose a time convenient for me. I think it was even my day off and Ivanna was working! She is really a professional in her field. After checking my completed questionnaire on the website, Ivanna clarified some details and answered all my questions. She told me which immigration programs were suitable for me, and later sent me NOC codes (for my and my wife's occupations) and information about average wages and the chances of finding a job in all the provinces.

I decided that the most suitable option for me and my family would be immigration through study. Just with the Georgian College and ILAC Alex had a very favourable offer to study in my field. After all the formalities, Alex joined my case and helped me with all the issues and formalities, both with getting me into college and starting my studies at ILAC (English Language Academy of Canada).

Since I received 12 free weeks of English classes, after taking the test, I was enrolled in the University Pathway program. The language school is really one of the best, the teachers I studied with are professionals in their field. After a lot of coursework and tests, I received my Pathway certificate. It allowed me to enter a college in Canada without taking IELTS, which is really cool because taking it at the testing center is stressful, and at ILAC I had time to prepare, and we had tests every 2 weeks.

Ivanna and her assistant were handling my visa at this time, advising and helping me with gathering all the necessary documents, references, and so on. After collecting all the documents, Ivanna submitted them herself to the visa service, I did not even take part in this, only sent Ivanna the necessary documents for my visa, which is very convenient. The documents for the student visa were submitted in December. In late February, I already got my passport back with a nice Canadian visa, and I was happy as a kid!

So I want to tell everyone: if you think whether you should or should not sign up for a consultation, if you dream and really want to move to Canada, by all means, contact the Immigrant.Today team for help. They will really help you and do everything they can to help you realize your dream!

After college, I will definitely apply to the Immigrant.Today team for further help with the next stages of my immigration. I believe that they will really lead my family's case to a successful permanent residency in Canada."

If you too would like to attend a Canadian university or otherwise immigrate, book a consultation with our Canadian immigration consultant.

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