Obtaining a study visa with an immigration specialist - review

Obtaining a study visa with an immigration specialist - review

"I thought I wanted something impossible, but Ivanna gave me hope."

Our company Reboot Your Life Immigration Services Corp. provides legal visa and immigration services.

One of the surefire ways to move to Canada is to enter a university or college. Before you apply, we suggest taling an initial consultation on admission with our licensed specialist. This is necessary for assessing your chances of obtaining a visa, as every situation is unique.

Here is feedback from our client Natalia Shtefo from Russia, whose daughter received her study visa to Canada in January 2023:

"I want to thank you very much for your work! When I signed up for a consultation with Ivanna, I thought I was a big dreamer and wanted something impossible. I watched Alex's videos and always thought it was too much for us. But Alex said every time that you have to start doing something to achieve something. Those were my personal dreams, but with the confidence that Ivanna gave me, I managed to infect both my daughter and my husband with that dream.

This has understandably been a very difficult year (the worst in my memory), and at some point, I decided that the door was forever closed to us. But Alex's posts gave me hope that somewhere in civilized places things work differently than they do in my home county. So I booked a consultation with Ivanna.

I was very nervous before our meeting at Zoom. As a Russian woman, I was terrified to sit in front of Ukrainian Ivanna, and our conversation moved me to tears. It's hard for me to convey all my feelings. I can only say that I am grateful to you not only for your professionalism — working with you was really easy and clear. You were always in touch, always friendly, and attentive. But I also thank you for being wonderful people. I have always felt supported by you, and your family has become a symbol of Canada for me!"

Study visa:

Visa to Canada

If you too want to enter a Canadian university or college, or immigrate in another way, book a consultation with Ivanna, a Canadian immigration consultant.

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