New immigration candidate evaluation systems and other news

New immigration candidate evaluation systems and other news

New immigration candidate evaluation systems, payments from the Canadian government, and other news.

Canada announced new payments for the population, including immigrants. But more about that later.

Changes in immigration programs

The province of Ontario changed the points system in its provincial program. Priority is given to specialists in the management, natural sciences, healthcare, and transport sectors. Also, more points will be awarded to those who found work in northern Ontario, who were offered a good wage, and who worked for their employer for six months before applying.

Another province that changed its evaluation system is British Columbia. The region no longer awards points for a candidate's occupation. But extra points are given to those who know English and French and who were offered a good wage in the province. Applicants who intend to settle outside of Vancouver and its suburbs are given special priority.

And Quebec is aiming to welcome French-speaking candidates. Previously, the provincial authorities were against increasing immigration. Now they are ready to invite more people, but only with knowledge of French. The government of the region is discussing the launch of a new immigration program to grant permanent residency to francophones in an accelerated way.

Good news for truckers. Truck drivers became eligible to participate in federal immigration programs and register in the Express Entry system. This is one of the fastest ways to move to Canada. Truck driver is an in-demand occupation in Canada and very popular among immigrants.


Now about benefits. The government of Canada announced the incentive climate payments to the population for the next year. Depending on the province, Canadians will receive between 480 and 770 Canadian dollars a year per person, or between 960 and 1,540 Canadian dollars per family of four. Immigrants are also eligible for the payments.

Rental housing in Canada

There is negative news too. A rental market report showed that the rental price in Canada is $1,976 CAD. This is an average figure for different types of real estate. In the most expensive cities, Vancouver and Toronto, a one-bedroom home costs $2,500 CAD per month. The cheapest city is Grande Prairie where the same home costs $968 CAD.

If you are going to rent housing in Canada, take out a mortgage, a car loan, and so on, you need a good credit history. You must start it immediately after your immigration. We talked about why it is difficult to live in Canada without a credit history, how credit cards are beneficial and how to get $400 as a gift.

Immigration draws

On November 22, the province of Manitoba invited 11 people. It was a special draw only for citizens of Ukraine. The next day, Canada sent out 4,750 Express Entry invitations. As in previous times, the passing score has decreased slightly but still remains high.

Alex Pavlenko, founder of the Immigrant.Today emigration portal

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