Top 5 Canadian Cities in the World's Best Places to Live

Top 5 Canadian Cities in the World

These communities are great for living, working, studying and doing business.

Several metropolitans in Canada have made it to the top 100 best cities in the world in 2023, according to the international consulting company Resonance Consultancy.


First among the Canadian cities was Toronto, which took the 24th line in the overall ranking.

"With economic growth fueled by immigration and global investment, Canada's largest city is poised for greater things to come," according to the Resonance Consultancy website.

Almost half of Toronto's residents were born abroad. It is Canada's largest city, but the ranking authors note that it has just begun its development. Last year, Toronto became the fastest-growing metropolis in North America, and it is projected to be second only to New York and Mexico City in 50 years.

Toronto is also praised for its diversity and education. The University of Toronto is ranked as the 9th best university in the world, and the city's residents are among the top 20 most educated.


57th place went to the French-speaking city of Montreal. It is the most "European" city in North America, 12th in the world for income equality, and 22nd for culture.

Montreal, like Toronto, boasts a quality education. McGill University is ranked 27th in the world, and the University of Montreal is famous for its developments in the field of artificial intelligence.


Shortly after Montreal comes Calgary, the "energy capital" of Canada, which ranks 65th. The metropolis has a particularly strong oil industry and ranks 22nd in the world in GDP per capita.

Another advantage of Calgary is cheaper housing compared to other major Canadian cities. It is also interesting that Calgary is very popular among American immigrants.


Almost immediately behind Calgary is Vancouver, ranked 69th. It has the largest Asian population outside Asia. The technology, the fast-growing population, and the beautiful nature are all about Vancouver.

The metropolis has other merits: the University of British Columbia is ranked 18th in the world, and Vancouver is ranked 20th in the world for income equality. However, living in this city is quite expensive.


And at the very end of the ranking is the capital city of Ottawa, ranked 96th. For a long time, this city has been in the shadow of other Canadian metropolitans, but lately, it seems more and more attractive, including for newcomers: one in four people in Ottawa is an immigrant.

Ottawa is the 15th most educated city in the world. There are many businesses, jobs, and the cost of living is lower than in Toronto and Vancouver.

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