Ontario seeks 100 entrepreneurs

Ontario seeks 100 entrepreneurs

They will be helped to apply for immigration to the province.

The province of Ontario has launched a new Entrepreneur Success Initiative pilot to help entrepreneurs move to Canada, and the province will process applications on a priority basis.

The Entrepreneur Success Initiative is not a separate immigration stream. Through this Initiative, the Toronto Business Development Centre will help applicants who intend to do business outside of Toronto to participate in the existing Entrepreneur Stream of Ontario. The Initiative aims to invite 100 entrepreneurs.

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The following services will be provided through the Entrepreneur Success Initiative:

  • supporting entrepreneurs who want to create or buy a business outside of Toronto;
  • introducing entrepreneurs to business opportunities in provincial cities based on their business, personal interests, and professional experience;
  • assisting candidates with quality completion of the Ontario Entrepreneur Stream application form;
  • assisting applicants in submitting documents for permanent residency after receiving an invitation through the Entrepreneur Stream.

If you are an entrepreneur and want to move to Ontario or another province in Canada, contact our company. We have successful immigration cases. In some cases, all you need is a business idea and the capital to make it happen.

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