New opportunities for immigrants with French proficiency

New opportunities for immigrants with French proficiency

The Canadian government is particularly interested in relocating French-speaking professionals.

On November 10, Canada announced the opening of a new Centre for Innovation in Francophone Immigration.

Immigration of candidates with French proficiency is a priority for Canada. By 2023, at least 4.4% of all immigrants who settle outside the province of Quebec must speak this language. The Centre for Innovation will complement other measures to increase the proportion of French-speaking newcomers in Canada.

The Centre will be located in the province of New Brunswick. It is the second most popular destination for French-speaking immigrants after Quebec. It will actively cooperate with and assist Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada in the following tasks:

  • make immigration programs more accessible to increase the number of francophone candidates invited;
  • conduct research to better meet the needs of francophone employers and communities for bilingual skilled workers;
  • attract and recruit French-speaking applicants from abroad to work in Canada.

French-speaking communities, immigration screening organizations, and regional economic development agencies will also work with the Centre.

Canada has already welcomed twice as many new francophones in 2022 as during the same period last year. However, statistics show that the proportion of francophones in Canada is decreasing over time. That is why the government intends to compensate for it with immigrants.

Knowing French will greatly increase your chances of permanent residency in Canada. Francophones get more points in many immigration programs, and additional programs are available for them, such as Ontario's French-Speaking Skilled Worker Stream or New Brunswick's Strategic Initiative for French-speaking candidates.

If you need help with applying for permanent residency in Canada, obtaining a visa, or entering a college, contact our immigration company.

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