Canada relies on immigrants to grow the economy

Canada relies on immigrants to grow the economy

The grandiose goals outlined in the new immigration plan will help.

Canada's economy is growing, but there is now a huge labour shortage. On November 1, the immigration levels plan for 2023-2025 was released.

Canada is counting on immigrants and believes they will help fill vacancies, primarily in health care, technology, and manufacturing. The economic plan includes several points:

  • achieving economic growth by 2025, with 60% of incoming immigrants being able-bodied;
  • using the Express Entry system to accept immigrants with in-demand skills and experience;
  • increasing quotas in the provincial programs, Atlantic Program, and the Rural and Northern Pilot to invite immigrants in demand in specific regions;
  • speed up the processing of applications for Family Reunification Programs;
  • increase in the French-speaking population outside Quebec — at least 4.4% of all admitted immigrants must be francophones;
  • providing asylum to refugees and expanding the Economic Mobility Pathway for skilled refugees.

Thus, the plan to grow the economy with the help of newcomers focuses more on provincial and regional immigration, attracting in-demand professionals and supporting the French-speaking population throughout the country. Canada seriously intends to attract skilled specialists to solve demographic and labour shortage problems. Canada is also constantly improving its immigration system so that applicants are less likely to face difficulties and get permanent residency faster.

In addition, the government once again stresses its intention to accept in-demand specialists who meet the labour market needs through Express Entry. This has been talked about for a long time, but at the moment the Express Entry system has not changed in any way, and candidates who score points for age, good language skills, higher education, and other factors are still invited through it. But we should expect that the system will be revised in the future.

Canada has high hopes for immigration for good reason, as it accounts for almost 100% of the country's labour force growth. By 2032, immigration is also projected to account for 100% of population growth. And according to the 2021 census, one in four residents of Canada is an immigrant.

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